Katumbi’s Ally Franck Diongo Escapes Assassination By Tshisekedi’s Thugs


TSHISEKEDI’S THIRST FOR BLOOD: Katumbi’s Ally Franck Diongo Escapes Assassination By Tshisekedi’s Thugs

Opposition Congo Ya Makasi coalition member Franck Diongo had to seek refuge in a local church to elude outgoing President Fèlix Tshisekedi and the ruling Sacred Union party thugs who attempted to assassinate him in Kinshasa on Friday.

Diongo who withdrew from the presidential race to back Moïse Katumbi in the 20 December polls, narrowly escaped the lynching by Tshisekedi’s thugs at his Ngaliema Municipality residence.

The thugs who went on a ramp targeting the opposition and Katumbi’s allies, caused malicious damage to several valuable properties at Diongo’s residence including vehicles.

“I inform you with deep sadness and concern that my private residence and the national headquarters of the youth league have been violently ransacked. This attack is an intolerable act which seriously compromises my security and that of my party.

I urge immediate intervention by the relevant authorities to investigate this incident and punish those responsible. Protecting our lives and our premises is essential to preserving democracy and the stability of our society” Diongo wrote.

In the final stages of the electoral process, Tshisekedi and his camp have embarked on a ruthless agenda to eliminate Katumbi and his allies as defeat looms after a catastrophic five year term in office.

Katumbi recently survived an assassination attempt by Tshisekedi’s party militants in Moanda, Kongo-Central Province while on his campaign trail. https://drcnewstoday.com/tshisekedis-thirst-for-blood-katumbis-ally-franck-diongo-escapes-assassination-by-tshisekedis-thugs


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