Tobias T. Banda


It is hypocritical to claim that ECLs remarks amount to treason or ploting of a coup.

Those who have been lined up to be vuvuzelas in the media are clearly on a mission to psych unsuspecting Zambians to view ECL as an alarmist when in actual fact he is not.

There are videos on social media which have emerged as evidence of President HH calling for early elections as well as asking Zambians to rise against the President and the Government when he was in opposition.

That was the norm on most occasions when he appeared on radio, TV and Polical rallies and International media platforms.

Did anybody call for his arrest on those grounds? The answer is a big NO. Why is that so? Because he was allowed to politick and issue political statements as an opposition political party leader who has the right to participate in politics as provided for in our Republican Constitution.

If he was allowed to do politics and issue political statements without intimidation why should he today turn around and instruct the police and the speaker to spearhead a campaign to arrest the now leader of the biggest opposition political party for merely advising the Government to address the issues of police brutality so as to avoid agitating civil arrest? That is very hypocritical and Zambians should not allow our Country’s democracy to be raped in Broad day light.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a Zambian citizen first and he has every right to participate in our Nation’s politics at any given point because the Country’s Constitution accords him that privilege.

Secondly he is a leader of a political party and he has the mandate to speak on behalf of the people and on behalf of the political party that he represents.

Nobody should be agitated and rise to issuing threats of arrests and detention everything he speaks out for poor Zambians who are suffering in poverty and hardships.

For your own information, the current high cost of living and harsh conditions of life have brought a heightened amount of tension in the compounds. It is therefore very prudent to handle political opponents whom the masses are seeing as their hope very carefully.


Tobias More Banda

Tobias T. Banda
Concerned Citizen.


  1. Then tell your ECL to behave himself. He too as citizens have rights as much as your ECL has. Behaving badly isnt a passport. While he has immunity we have our rights as well.
    Those of you encouraging him to make reckless statements are the real enemies of the state that just think about what you benefit from Lungu and are not partriots.

  2. Who are you and what are you, no mutwe kwati li block lya kukulila toilet and you stand there defending amasushi? Just shut that stinking hole you call mouth if you have nothing sensible to say. STUPID IDIOT.

  3. Akwasu namwe, you are the bad Easterners who give our province a very bad name!
    We should not blindly support bad behavior in the name of wako ni wako primitive thinking!
    What is wrong is wrong!
    If President HH said something wrong while in opposition, it’s still a wrong for ECL to repeat that wrong!
    We should reach a point in this country where we should be ready to let go of both ECL and HH if they are failing to fit in the shoes of Mature and Responsible leaders!
    If HH and ECL have a bone to chew, the Two should step aside from public office and sort out their differences than for the country to be caught up in their petty squabbles!
    However, the reality is that President HH is the one with the mandate to govern at the moment, not ECL!
    There can only be One President at any given time.
    My Bemba Mbuyas say “Ukepsha ilungu, kwendamo!”
    What that means politically is that we should let President HH run his full 5 year term in office so that if he fails, he should not have any excuse to say my term was cut short , hence I could not fulfill what I set out to do!
    My advice to ECL and those that suck up to him is that there is urgent need to restore Sanity to the Office of the Sixth President!
    Whether we like it or not, he is in Public office, that of the Sixth President. That carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders firstly to promote peace and unity in the country regardless of circumstances, be it bad Economy or Disaster situation like we have now.
    He should be the last voice of reason to calm the nation the way late President RB did during the turbulent transition during the last election!
    I am still confident that it’s not too late for ECL to be helped back to his senses. Let him occupy the higher office of former president and play the Advisory role as Father of the Nation! His Legacy is at stake but it’s not too late!
    While he is within his right to come back to active politics, it may not work well with him because UPND and the many Zambians he offended and injured will do everything possible to frustrate him since Achenjeza Ng’anga akalibe kupola. When your primary reason to want to come back is vengeance, you are already off to a bad start and peace-loving Zambians are not going back to PF days of violence and lack of mutual respect!
    So tekanyani abanda!
    Let’s avoid politics of sucking up to people even if what they are doing is childish!
    It’s our own country we are destroying by tolerating bad behavior in any of our leaders!
    We should not lower the Standard of government in Zambia to the Lawless Hooliganism we witnessed in the last regime!
    Trust me, we are not going back Kumalushi and Mavuto! It does not matter if Mealie meal reaches K1,000 per 25kg or fuel going to K100 per liter, we would choose to have peace and tranquility than going back to problems! A high cost of living is good!
    Problems are good because problems become fertile grounds for innovation!
    Amachushi emufundo wa mano, as Prof PK put it!
    When Mealie meal becomes expensive, grow your own Maize! You will have taken care of your staple food requirements! Grow your own Soyabeans or sunflower or groundnuts and you can start making your own Cooking Oil and chicken feed.
    But we need peace to be able to do these things! Let’s help ECL to be at peace with himself then he will cease to be Paranoid and start asking for trouble!

  4. Tobwa Banda, the large headed, ugly prickhead you should learn to speak for yourself you idyot. How many people did your criminal, Edgar Lungu, kill? Do you remember Lawrence Banda, Grazier Matapa and many others that were killed in Lungu’s personal interest?
    Arsewhore, you should use that large pumpkin head of yours to think not your behind. Foolish chap.

  5. Ba Chikubabe, Mr. Lungu is incapable of being a statesman. It is way beyond him. All he knows is hooliganism and dancing.

    If you look at his rise to power, his reign and his decline, the common thread running through is his penchant for violence.

    He cannot reform.


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