UPND Media Director Ruth Dante says Kelvin Sampa is not a senior UPND member, he committed crime while he was in PF.

Sampa was arrested yesterday for allegedly obtaining money by false pretenses with intent to defraud the owner permanently.

In a statement Dante says, It has come to our attention of a social media statement alleging that a senior UPND member has been picked and arrested by the police in a money related crime.

This is in relation to the arrest of former PF Kasama Central member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa who recently joined the UPND on a charge of obtaining money by false pretences.

The party Constitution is categorical on who is defined as a senior Party official and these include anyone elected,appointed or nominated by a decision making body such as NMC,PMC,DMC,CMC and the ward management committee.Others classified as such include MPs,Mayor/Council Chairperson as well as ward councillors Dante stated.

He said Sampa who recently joined the UPND does not fall in any of the above categories and it would thus be mischievous to describe him as a senior UPND member.

Dante said, as a law abiding party that believes in the rule of law, we urge the police to carry out its mandate without fear or favor and as a party we shall not stand in their way.

It is also worth noting that the alleged transaction as recorded by the police was entered into way before Sampa became a member of the ruling UPND he said.


  1. We advised you to stop assimilating recycled politicians who maybe entangled in some issues wih their previous team players. All our advise seem to be falling on deef ears.

    Maybe when embarrassing things like this happen you will be moved to make the right decisions.

    You have so many hard working members among you. Why are you hungry to replace them with people who did not fight for your cause. This reasoning is something that is offensive to the mind. You can not compromise dignity and integrity and reduce it to game of numbers. You will inherit the bad process of the past guys. Build up your own team. Or pick the right ones.


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