Kitwe Man Files For Divorce After Discovering Wifes Hidden Past



A 30-YEAR-OLD MAN from Kitwe has taken legal action against his wife, seeking a divorce, after discovering a deceit that had been concealed for several years.

The husband, James Banda, and his 29-year-old wife, Barbara, who are both Jehovah’s Witnesses, tied the knot in 2013, embarking on what seemed like a harmonious marital journey.

However, the facade of their blissful union began to crumble after two years of matrimony when Barbara finally mustered the courage to reveal a well-guarded secret that she has three children, not just the one she had previously claimed.

“When we were about to get married she told me she had one child and I accepted because I also had one. Two years later she said she had three children and this came as a surprise to me,” said James.

In his testimony James told the court that he wanted to divorce his wife because he has no capacity to provide for the three children.

He said he was also disappointed that his wife and her family did not tell him the truth from the onset of their relationship.

However, Barbara told the court that she does not want a divorce despite her husband already marrying a second wife.

Barbara said the two have been on separation for four years with her husband having already married another woman.

She said she was ready to be in a polygamous marriage because she still loved her husband.

Barbara said she regretted her actions and asked James for forgiveness.

“I asked for forgiveness from my husband after telling him and he forgave me but his family started forcing him to divorce me because of the past mistake,” she said.

After Barbara’s testimony, the court said it could not divorce the couple because doing so would be against Barbara’s will.

The court ordered Barbara and James to return to court after agreeing on one thing.



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