A Landlord in Lusaka’s Kanyama area has been forced to forgo rentals owed to him by his tenant for five months, after being caught in a sexual act.

The Landlord was found having intercourse with his tenant’s wife known as Kwa Mukupa around Soweto area.

Facts of the matter have been told to Ghetto Voices, on Saturday last week, the husband to a woman in question, who is a security guard, received a call from his neighbor who informed him that his wife was spotted drinking at Kwa Mukupa lodge in Soweto with their landlord.

The man rushed to the place and found that his wife and the landlord were not anywhere but after inquiring from people around, he was told that they had entered into one of the rooms. When shown the room, the man knocked on the door after which his landlord appeared half-dressed.

Upon realizing that the owner of the woman had probably realized that was going on, the landlord tried to escape but could not escape from the hands of his angry tenant who began shouting hule! Hule! Hule! thereby attracting a crowd.

The issue ended up at Soweto Police. It is said that the man in question has agreed to forgive his wife and not take the issue to court on condition that the landlord forgoes the five months’ rent owed to him.- Ghetto Voices


  1. Bro Siwale, be wary of the fact that one can easily form a perception that PF has paid you from their illicit money for u to say this. Silence is Golden.


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