LET’S PUT ASIDE EGOS TO KICK OUT HH – KAMBWILI … It will be foolish to fail to unite for 2026

Chishimba Kambwili said there must be sincerity in the opposition that PF is the largest opposition political party in the country.

And Kambwili urged opposition leaders to put aside their egos for 2026 by going with the most “famous and prominent politician right now”, if they have to remove “a… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/lets-put-aside-egos-to-kick-out-hh-kambwili-it-will-be-foolish-to-fail-to-unite-for-2026/


  1. And then what after removing HH? Swamp us with your PF thuggery, violence, lawlessness and kileptomania?

    Currently, the opposition are not offering any viable alternatives to our economic woes. They have absolutely no clue on how to tackle the challenges our nation is facing. There only interest is to ascend to power so they can raid the atizonal treasury. Hypocrites!

  2. Even the Bible warns us “a good man shall not stand in the eyes of bad men”..your preoccupation is to remove HH so that you can recover what has been forfeited to the state and lost businesses your thieves….for the other disoriented leader of that ka stupid party,he wants money to rebuild his failing ka paper….but things are not going to work in your way…kushwa cwalo. I have just cursed you.

  3. Imwe ba Kambwili just removing HH for the sake of its is a stupid campaign strategy especially when you’re part of the problems fi PF imwe bene.
    He is struggling to restructure your stupid debt and the economy can’t kick start because of the stupid decisions you made over the mines.
    Thsts why Laura tells you chi nakachina lubinda mwamba mmemwbe the communist to just shut up!!

  4. Fipelwa na Lesa bane, you can plan and crack your heads but if God has not given you, you are just wasting your time. HH will accomplish all the years God has given him to reign, no one can remove him until his appointed days are over.


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