Love Undercover: Man Successfully Poses as Woman, Co-habits with Boyfriend for Three Months Before Arrest


Love Undercover: Man Successfully Poses as Woman, Co-habits with Boyfriend for Three Months Before Arrest

Two suspects have been arrested in Kwekwe, facing charges of sodomy after it was discovered that they had been living together, with one of them disguising himself as a woman.

The bizarre case unfolded when his true identity was exposed during a sexual encounter

The Deceptive Encounter: Man Masquerades as a Woman
In July of this year, James Mapawu (40) reportedly visited a popular Kwekwe nightclub. It was here that he encountered Praise Mpofu (25), who was masquerading as a woman. The unexpected meeting took an even stranger turn when James, under the assumption that Praise was a woman, proposed a romantic relationship.

However, doubts have since emerged regarding the sincerity of James’ claims.

“Something is not adding up in James’ version since he is saying that he proposed to Praise thinking he was a woman due to the dress code.

“But, we suspect he was aware that this Praise was also into this sodomy,” explained an anonymous source.

A Relationship Built on Deception

Following James’s proposal, he and Praise embarked on what appeared to be a romantic relationship. They began living together at Mapawu’s residence, sharing intimate moments during this time. However, what James believed to be a love affair would soon unravel in an unexpected and shocking manner.

The Unveiling of Truth

The truth came to light in September when, during a sexual encounter, Praise experienced an erection, revealing his true gender identity as a man. The revelation was met with shock and confusion on James’s part, leading to a heated argument between the two.

Arrest and Ongoing Investigations

This encounter, shrouded in disguise, eventually took a dark turn as James reported Praise to the authorities for engaging in sodomy. Both individuals were subsequently arrested for their involvement in the incident.

Midlands police provincial spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, confirmed the arrest to H-Metro, underlining the gravity of the charges involved.

“I can confirm the matter was reported to the police, and a scene was attended to, resulting in the arrest of the two suspects. Investigations are ongoing.”

The duo is expected to appear in court soon.


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