Lubinda Habazoka



DESPITE his strong affiliation with the Patriotic Front (PF) drawing strong criticism from fellow professionals and the public, Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Lubinda Haabazoka is proud of his record at the helm of the association.

Dr Haabazoka, who has credited himself as being responsible for some of the economic gains achieved by the former ruling party, says he is ready to offer his services to the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration in order to help kick-start the economy.


  1. Proff keep your advise to yourself.
    What succes can he be credited for honestly under PF reign?
    We dont need your services ,stay at UNZA.

  2. Please keep your advice to yourself. We don’t need people of your poor calibre. You advised pf and there was a mess. No wonder the economy collapsed.

  3. There are better people to advise the government than you. We have people like Magande, Caleb Fundanga and many others, UPND is better off with the Mentioned people than. You had already shown Zambians that you are a cadre and a puppet of PF. Sorry Sir, keep your advice for the rebranded PF, it may bounce back to power maybe in 2181.

  4. No normal person can get advice from a block called Lubinda Haabazoka. I guess the name Lubinda is just a bad one. He can continue to advise PF. They need some economic advice to competently comment on UPND economic agenda in order for them at least to remain releveant in Zambian politics.

  5. young man Lubinda Haabazoka relax. how do you kick start something you said was a world class achievement by the PF. My dear you are not the only one who can advise, actually the you can do is not to damp the PF, continue advising them. please….. do not leave PF this is when it needs you more. UPND has enough brain. Thanks though for showing interest. By the way we need to sanitize that institution because as it is now it is a PF branch. I am therefore calling for elections for EAZ. Zambians are not idiots okay. Mr. PF advisor.

  6. I’m one of the few PhD holders in economics advising the UPND government.
    We have already resolved never to turn to useless characters like you.
    Full of nothing but jealousy.
    I know this nigga from his days in Rostov, Russia.

  7. Kikikikiki! Yabaaa olo ni advise sure kuli uyu olu one day not this one mwenbantu. Ayikona wena. Habaazooka wasted ecls time and money by shinkalingi him ifyabufi just for his belly what a person uwushakwata nensoni. Surely pali bonse you can’t keep quiet and reflect habaazooka? ECL alekongola fye anyhow you were giving him wrong advise until umuneni aponena muli mwamoneni. First give advise to Sean Tembo that he should have his party hierarchy to be attending to what he thinks he is doing right but iya pali zeroo mu vote and one no te checks and balance ni jealous yikakwipayapo , second give advise kuli Dan pule if he has stopped preaching as he said since the UPND and its Alliance partners won the general elections because icebo no LESA not umuntu he will leave to regret, thirdly give advice to Antonio mwanza who said he will cut his manhood if UPND and its Alliance partners win ask him if he has done so and where he will or is keeping it or he will throw it away, tell him that uwakupele iya thing ni Lesa temuntu he will leave to regret, also give advise to abena chishimba kambwili, Inkandu luo, bizwell matale and others who were through out basing their politics and economics on hatred / hate speach, tribalism and jealous on what they should do right and tell the truth remind chishimba how he spoke evil of ECL how his wife and daughter was treated by the police and how some of the ndc members were killed remind him and advise those involved if it is good to kill just for one to benefit and have favour to the powers be mind you, read revaluation 20 v 11 through to 15 kukaba ukulondolola kuli LESA about all that each one of us, you and others did according to what is written in each ones book then umwine LESA akachekinga nelyakwe ibook. That time is coming and yiwe wine ufwile waishiba ati kwiliba ukufwa fyonse ifyo wukwete fikashala elyo nokuya muli kasingu wooded House akamapulanga nokwingila mwiloba then the lies nabaculile mucalo because of your greediness bakamipusha kuli LESA why that was done so you have to think about the end of your life and serve God’s people deligently. Advise nakachinda, I hear his a pastor who brought alot of confusion in mmd against the man of God Dr Nervous mumba. Nakachinda pretended to be mmd ignoring even court judgements with impurity lelo kwisa dabwa bamupela nakufola mu titanic, sunk boat by Lungu kanshi mulandu wandalama he becomes kacepa advise nakachinda ati akepushe judas Isacariot uwashtishe mwana Lesa who ended up hanging himself advise him about his end mulandu wakutemwa indalama. Advise intewewe that indalama Shabena zambia alelya isha bill 10 bill boards akalondolela uwalemupela so that akachite ask for forginess before ukuya kuchifungo. Advise ama chines those companies abalecita connive mukwibila abena zambia by inflating the road contract bids to tell the nation who were getting the commissions so that they are blacklisted and asked to go and do such evils ku China kuma dragon. Advise ba Davis mwila that what he used to tell his party members to advertise for plots if the plots are five hundred the two hundred they share as party members that, that was and is wrong because kufyenga abantu by doing that is obtaining money by force pretence and tell those who benefited in Kabwe should return those plots, advise lubinda the one who was bitten by his party cadres in kabwata that he was wrong to buy a play pack in kabwata as an MP because that area was for the children not him that is bad. Advise tutwa that what you did by telling the police to break the bones of youths who were protesting peacefully for their own government was wrong. Advice kapyongo that the more blood that was she during his being home affairs time is too much for him to live without it crying in the ground because God always listens the blood of nsama nsama a prosecutor. The blood of Joseph kaunda, those many who died during gassing, Lawrence Banda and others he will be answerable first to the families because they always remember what happened , second to the nation and OVERLARY to the Lord God our creator tell him that time will come when he will die not even kanganja or charity katanga will be there for him if he escapes this here on earth . Time is coming bakepushe Judas uwashitisha mwana Lesa aile yikulika nemilandu kuli Lesa shiilemulolela. Otherwise mwandini kwatako insoni kwati umuntu uwukafwa wuyicite advise wemwine because abena HH- UPND AND ITS ALLIANCE PARTNERS they have the main ordinary Zambian people and a few who are upright like abena sangwa. Panji, pilato. Loura motto, chief Mukuni who can advise without ukufwaya ukulyamo. Mind you abena HH have started some programmes on radio where he and his team are listerning to what the people are going through but for you I think NO mune. Remember abantu akale they were staying even 700 to 1000 years but mulandu wakunshunfya kwat yimwe Ali chunaki umwine KABUMBA LESA aleta kuli 120 again yali dropper if you read Psalms 90 v 1 through to 15 yalibwela kuli 90 active being otherwise think about all this you are very wrong person to advise leaders. A TRAITOR!!!


  9. Your advice is what made PF to become the most useless party ever and lose. Do you think upnd wants to go the same way? I don’t think so. Better you continue advising PF thieves how to manage their stolen loot which you can share with them.

  10. Lubinda Haabazoka you are a fake economist no wonder the PF government performed poorly because of having useless advisors like Lubinda Haabazoka. The good educated for nothing and has doctorate done to him. The useless educated fool doesn’t have even katemba to showcase business ideas. Lubinda take your madness to PF we don’t need your foolishness and hallucinations take them elsewhere.


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