In August 2020, I questioned and warned both the NPA and PF about choosing a misdemeanor charge instead of aggravated charges and other felonies charges in trying to clear JJ Bandas name. It seemed useless at the time, and I was insulted, but the issue has resurfaced.

The laws of Zambia are clear: if you omit important charges, you will be re-investigated and brought to the book. Ask Makebi Zulu if you think I’m lying. The PF set him up from the beginning. Which is the same problem that some former ministers who were cleansed of corruption are likely to face.

Some of you may not know about these ugly political incidents because you were not victims but beneficiaries of the violence together with president Edgar Lungu.

Anyone who goes to parliament should be subjected to public scrutiny. A lawmaker enabling foreigners to obtain national identity documents, and a journalist being subjected to inhumane treatment such as urinating in his mouth and pouring diesel on his body—this is not politics. Just use your common sense please! how many of you today can withstand the trauma of seeing someone inserting their manhood in your mouth? Mr. Thomas Sipalo Komboni president can you allow me to do that and you will be smiling?

I see many of you ignorantly defending foolishness here. There is no politics in this. Personally and in the public interest, I made inquiries to the police, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Justice, the Chief Justice, and the DPP even before the alleged abduction. Because the victim Sukwa asked for support. The video is there.

To those defending such injustices, are you aware that Peter Sukwa is in court petitioning the Vubwi subordinate court ruling based on minor charges? Please don’t come to social media and show your ignorance. Stay in your lane.

It is on record, and some of us were too honest. Just like Shebby Chilekwa was kept in the State House by our former president after murdering Lawrence Banda, JJ Banda escaped these crimes. Imagine you are a police officer saluting an MP who beat you up like that when you were discharging your duties. Let us be fair, and serious on national issues.

When Lawrence Banda was killed, former President Edgar Lungu did not care, and we all know why he did not instruct police to arrest the killer. On the other hand few days ago, Hakainde Hichilema, breathed fire and told police to arrest those UPND thugs who were inconvienancing the general public. They did not kill anyone, but they were immediately brought to book, this is how some of us judge Lungu and Hakainde. We do comparative analysis.

Another incident to remind those who benefited from the lawlessness is the death of Glayzia Matapa in Mtendere. The gentleman cried day and night on Muvi TV, identifying the PF thugs who were after his life, but no one helped until he was killed. President Edgar Lungu claimed it was beer that killed Matapa. Those thugs were convicted, maybe they are even out.

Fellow citizens, this is why it is shocking to see Mr. Lungu and the likes of JJ Banda gallivanting around, reopening old wounds. Mr. Lungu is the reason boys like JJ Banda committed such crimes and escaped justice. He is why it took a new government to find and prosecute Shebby Chilekwa. Is this what you call Politics? Criminals need to be brought to book and we all have to learn something.

If it weren’t for the change of government, Chilekwa would still be working in the State House. Are you defending these people because none of your relatives or friends were murdered? What is the rationale behind your reasoning?

If you feel smart enough, go to court and ask to be added to these cases when trials begin. Even my brother Makebi Zulu knows what I’m talking about and the consequences.

It is clear to everyone in UKA and unrepentant PF that escaping these crimes is not easy. Young people, embrace education—charisma and money alone don’t make you intelligent.



    • Ba Hallucinating Hypocrite, there is no hate speech in Mr. Sikaile’s write up. He is simply stating facts and instead of accusing him of hate speech, you would do well to debunk the issues he has raised.

      It is in the public domain that Mr. Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda urinated in the mouth of the former Post Newspaper journalist, Mr. Sukwa and almost had him burnt. What humanbeing does that? It is also in the public domain that the same Mr. Banda raided the Lusaka Central Police and beat up a police officer on duty. What responsible citizen would do that?

      It is also indisputable that the said Mr. Banda was shielded from the full consequences of his misconduct by being charged and convicted on lesser offences than should have been the case because of his connections to the very top of the PF hierarchy.

      In short, there was gross miscarriage of justice in both cases.

      If you want to be cured of your hallucinations, respond to these points instead of making meaningless counteraccussations against Mr. Sikaile.

  1. Tone down. These documented articles will be evidence against you one day if they lack substance and are based on hatred for Lungu. You will be called to account and provide proof. Nothing lasts for ever, nothing!

  2. The death of President Sata should be investigated. How can any sensible person refuse drip before operations; instead wanted straight operation upon arrival; and sent the wife to India and decided to fly to London.


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