Lungu has no moral right to speak on graft – Nevers

Nevers Mumba says former President Edgar Lungu does not have any moral right to issue any statement on the ongoing fight against corruption as it was almost a way of life under his administration.

His statement follows the former President’s statement accusing President Hakainde Hichilema of double standards in the way he handled the case of former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo, who resigned from Cabinet over some private business transaction.

“There are certain people who have moral right to make a statement and some who don’t have moral right,” he said at a press briefing yesterday.

“In this case, my elder brother ECL [Edgar Chagwa Lungu] does not have moral right to this statement. On issues of corruption, we should ask President Lungu not to say too much right now because Zambians are still hurting and processing the kind of corruption that was in PF.”

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


  1. So who has morals to speak on current corruption by UPND?

    Should we all just keep quiet and just accept it?

    Mumba is just a mushanina icimbala.

    Now that Hakainde owns all opposition political parties, except Socialist party, we will be seeing these hungry “opposition” leaders acting like government spokesmen.

  2. Nervous Mumba is an unhinged bomb ready to explode any time. He almost causes war between Zambia and Zimbabwe. He has no leadership qualities apart from his mouth and bootlicking credentials.
    Only a useless leader can see value in this man. Levy Mwanawasa ( MHSRIP) tried him as Vice President,and within 3 months he was thrown out. The shortest period in the history of Zambia in which one has served as Vice President.
    Now that he has seen a Vacancy in the Foreign affairs Ministry, his boot licking has gone full throttle.
    Hakainde even with his deficiencies, which are many , can’t appoint this man as Foreign Minister. Two inflated egos in one pot is a recipe for total disaster.

  3. Ba Hypocrite, you have said absolutely nothing to counter Dr. Mumba’s argument. Instead, you have gone full throttle attacking his person.

    Just goes to show there is a lot of truth in what he has said.


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