Ronald Chitotela

PAMBASHE PF member of parliament Ronald Chitotela says the ruling party is destined for victory again in 2021 as its preferred candidate, President Edgar Lungu is still popular and will win by over 70 per cent.

And PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has challenged the Zambia Police Service to ensure that they arrest anyone involved in violence ahead of the 2021 elections.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Mwamba has assured the country that government will ensure mealie meal prices are brought down in the next two months to.

Speaking at a PF youth rally to mark this year’s Youth Day celebrations in Lusaka yesterday, Chitotela who is also Tourism and Arts Minister said those insisting that President Lungu was not eligible to contest next year’s elections were just scared.

“I want to say this to Madam Mumbi Phiri; there is this one person that has taken it upon himself to make sure that President Lungu should not stand in 2021, but tell him that for us in PF, we are not going to have leadership change. Our President is Edgar Chagwa Lungu. So tell that gentleman [State Counsel John Sangwa] that he’s just making noise because we won’t change our candidate as PF. So if there is something fooling him, we as PF supporters from Pambashe will write a petition to say our President is Edgar Lungu,” Chitotela said.

“And we want to also appeal to the Central Committee to open nominations for the party Presidency immediately [Provincial] elections are done so that we can see those that are ready to challenge the President. The elections for President Edgar Lungu should happen before we go to the convention. The people in Pambashe gave me this message for the central committee that nominations for our Presidential candidate should start in May and be completed by 30th May so that in June, we would have known those who would like to challenge President Lungu. We want to see what those people are made of.”

Chitotela said the ruling party would not be changing its Presidential candidate just because some people were scared of him.

“They are telling us to look for another candidate, that President Lungu is not eligible. But they’re not supposed to be celebrating if Lungu is not eligible. Why are they so worried? If there is one person they (those opposing) are scared of, from North to South and East to West, is President Lungu. They know that President Lungu on the ballot paper in 2021 will win with more than 70 per cent. That is why they have risen the way they have baleti teti eminine (he can’t stand). But if he is not supposed to stand, shouldn’t you let him go ahead with the nominations so that he gets rejected properly? Why are you scared of him? It’s because you know very well that he will win,” said Chitotela.

Speaking at the same event, Phiri who was the guest of honour at this rally challenged the police to end violence in the country by arresting anyone involved in the vice.

“Dear youths, if you really know what you want, say no to being used as tools of violence. If anybody comes to you and asks you to engage in violence, tell them to go and bring their own children. I also want to challenge the police; the President who is your Commander-In-Chief has already directed you to act on people who are doing violence. The President has told you to arrest wrong doers; please don’t wait for anybody to give you instructions because the powers are in your hands,” said Phiri.

Meanwhile, Mwamba who is the party deputy chairman for national mobilisaion told Zambians that mealie meal prices would start reducing in the next two months.

“Don’t just to listen to PF who are saying ‘we need regime change’, regime change because of what? What has gone wrong? We know the economy is not doing very well. But it’s not only here [in Zambia]. For us who move around, just today the South African Rand has hit R16 against the US Dollar. Our Kwacha is also around K16. But just compare, which country is more advanced between South Africa and Zambia? But our currencies are at par; can’t you surely clap for President Lungu for what he’s doing? Then this issue of mealie meal, let me promise you, within two months, mealie meal prices are going to come down,” said Mwamba.


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