Lusaka woman loses marriage for blocking sidechick on hubby’s phone


Lusaka woman loses marriage for blocking sidechick on hubby’s phone

A WOMAN of Lusaka West is the on the verge of losing her 14-year old marriage for simply getting her husband’s phone and blocking his beloved sidechick.

Despite having five children together, Lameck Chirwa, a 39-year old bricklayer says he wants nothing more to do with Dina Namukwanya aged 29, especially that her insulting abilities surpass even those of Nkana Football Club supporters.

Chirwa told the Matero Local Court that him and his wife, have, for some time been at loggerheads and their marriage is more acrimonious than that of the two PF factions of Edgar Lungu and Miles Sampa.

He said while he withstood all the insults she had been showering on him and his mother, he would not forgive her for getting his phone and blocking his girlfriend.

Chirwa complained that his wife had on several occasions told him that he was not the father of the her children because he had malfunctioning manhood.

Further, Chirwa narrated that his wife was also in the habit of going to his mother’s house to insult her and and even went on to advise him to sleep with his mother if at all he was desperate for children.

All this, and since 2007, Chirwa tolerated. It was until his wife, touched his source of happiness that he lost it all and decided to divorce her. She had blocked his potential second wife on his phone.

After finding out, he rushed to report her to her Aunt for her unforgivable act, and before the two could even be sat down or reconciled, he had already summoned her for divorce in the Matero local court.

However, Namukwanya said she loved her husband and did not want the court to divorce them adding that she only blocked his girlfriend because he spent most his time with her.

Namukwanya said her husband sepnt most of his time at his girlfriend’s place but only time he appeared back home recently when he had come to present her the divorce summon.

Namukwanya also admitted to insulting Chirwa and his mother but blamed it on her short temper.

“Yes I insult him and his mother, but that’s only because I am short tempered and I get frustrated at the fact that my husband goes to his girlfriend in presence of work for months, leaving the children and myself hungry, he even went ahead to sell our plot without my knowledge. Just now, he just came back after disappearing for two months. He was talking to a woman on phone at night I got hurt, and I blocked the ladies number,” said Namukwanya.

Testifying in the matter, Namukwanya’s aunt said the couple was mostly happy but things only change whenever Chirwa has a girlfriend which causes her niece to insult.

“Otherwise they are good children, just now my son-in-law only came to report to me that she had blocked his girlfriend on his phone. Before I could even seat them fpen to discuss, he left in anger and the next day, I heard he sued for divorce something I think should not happen,” she said.

Magistrate Harriet Mulenga adjourned the matter to November 10, 2023, for submission, judgment and possible reconciliation.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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