The Afrobarometer report indicates that a majority of Malawians; men (82) percent than women (77) percent believe in the existence of witchcraft regardless of where they come from.

According to the findings Urban and rural residents equally believe in witchcraft, as are rich and poor citizens.

The report discloses that educated citizens are more likely to believe in witchcraft than those with no formal education.

The report has revealed that witchcraft is highest in the Northern region (90%) and lowest in the Central region (73%).

On calls to criminalise witchcraft practice, 72 percent of Malawians agree with this stand.

During the report dissemination workshop, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation’s Executive Director, Michael Kayiyatsa suggested that there should be a way of addressing the challenge of proving witchcraft practice even though a lot of Malawians believe in it.

Afrobarometer is pan-african, non-partisan research network that provides reliable data on African experiences and evaluations of democracy, governance, and quality of life.


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