A NDOLA-based woman who claims that Bowman Lusambo fathered her four children is demanding K13,900 as child maintenance per month.

The woman is also demanding that Lusambo pays her K7,000 every six months for the children’s clothing.

According to an affidavit in support of summons for affiliation and maintenance filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mercy Matongo Cowham wants the court to order Lusambo to be maintaining the children with K5,000 for food, K3,500 groceries, rental K5,000, water bills K200, electricity K200 which comes to K13,900 per month.

Mercy stated that in addition to the children’s monthly expenses, she is seeking an order that Lusambo should be contributing K7,000 every six month for the children’s clothing.

She submitted that this was proper case for the court to make an order for affiliation and maintenance of the children.

And Mercy stated that she was currently squatting at her grandmothers house in Chipata, Eastern province with the children due to lack of financial support from Lusambo.

In this case, Lusambo who is the former member of Kabushi parliamentary seat following the nullification of his seat, sued Mercy in the High Court.

He is seeking an order that a Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test be conducted on the children to ascertain their parternity.

Lusambo is also demanding damages for libel from Mercy.

He further wants the court to order Mercy to retract and apologize your to him of her statements in question, costs and any other reliefs the court might deem fit.

But Mercy in her affidavit maintained that she has been in an on and off sexual relationship with Lusambo from 2014 to date.

Mercy explained that from 2015 to sometime in 2018, Lusambo would maintain her and the children once in a while by providing all the necessities.

“Since July 2010, the plaintiff completely stopped maintaining the children and has refused to do so despite being reminded of his obligations on numerous occasions,” she alleged.

Mercy added that lack of support has caused great hardship on the children and that she has been struggling to provide for them without any support from their father

She wants the court to order Lusambo

to be providing for all the monthly expenses, including accommodation and pay all water and electricity bills.



  1. She should demand a lump sum before he goes to jail and forfeit his loot to GRZ, like K2,000, 000 which is chicken change to him or double that so she can invest in some profitable business to care for the children.

  2. Is this amount of money realistic K13,000)monthly. ?How much does a secondary school teacher get monthly ?Resolve grievances diligently.Children are growing& hence you will nee Bowman through out children’s life.Events come go and leave marks on our skins but we should always remain focused.Even if Bowman gave this lady billions she wouldn’t stop asking for financial assistance from the man,this is a fact.Besides Bowman is a family man & the lady knew it v well even in the beginning of their love marathon.No situation is permanent under the sun.What you are going through is a passing phase young lady.Just ensure the man agrees to be suppotive of the children on monthly basis.Seek not to harm him.You may hate him& wish him dead but your children need him terribly.Examine both sides of the coin.Time is now to make amends for the future of your children.

    • Your reasoning is nonsensical. What had teacher salary to do with this case? The children should be maintained at Bowman’s income level. Furthermore she is not breaking anyone’s family. Bowman approached this woman to begin with so if anyone is a homebreaker, that should be Bowman not Mercy.

  3. Madam mercy according to Zambian culture issues to do with children are solved at the family level, having four children with the same man is not a joke, you are the mai nini to Mr. Lusambo so sit down with him in the same house you used to meet him for you to have children and discuss not bringing those issues to social media, coz social media was not there at first. Us Zambians have very important issues to discuss pa social media issues which deals with the economy of the country not the traditional closed doors issues between two lovers no!!!! Zambia is too big for this.

  4. You need proper advise. Go to the legal aid. Society. They offer services to those who can not afford. Let them give you counsel on what the law stipulates in your case and work accordingly. Beware of some greedy lawyer ready to make promises of recovery of high sums of money. They may be calculate 60 to 70 % of the same as service charges.

    Be smart about this the courts will guide on what is reasonable if your claims are found to be true.

  5. Mercy that is too much ,be realistic , you were sleeping with a married man until you got pregnant four times so tawaishibe ati ulefyala mwa ? Icibeleshi mulenashako Kuli bamukabene .Earn your own money not through prostitution !


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