Messi’s son is a big fan of Ronaldo, while Ronaldo’s son idolizes Messi: Is someone’s father always “cooler” than his father?


The two eldest sons of these two soccer superstars are fans of their father’s opponents.

The exciting matches of the ongoing Euro 2021 Finals are also an opportunity for the names of football superstars to be mentioned a lot, accompanied by many interesting side stories.

Recently, football fans had a laugh when extremely funny information related to two famous strikers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, was widely shared on social networks.

Specifically, CR7’s eldest son – Cristiano Jr (11 years old) is a big fan of Messi. Remember that during the 2014 Golden Ball Awards, Cristiano Jr. was allowed to go with his father. The boy did not hide his feelings for his idol.

Cristiano Jr. was brought by his father to greet his idol Messi.

The boy was very happy to meet his idol.

While sitting with his father and grandmother, seeing Messi pass by, Cristiano Jr. immediately stood up and went to shake hands with the player wearing shirt number 10. The boy’s actions were very natural, making Messi laugh out loud and rub his head. Cristiano Jr.

Responding to his son’s reaction, Ronaldo further revealed to Messi: ” He often watches videos of us playing and he always mentions you. He said it would be great to talk to you .” Two years later, at the 2017 FIFA The Best Gala, Cristiano Jr. was brought by his father to greet Messi. The boy was very happy to shake his idol’s hand. Not only that, during the ceremony, the camera lens repeatedly captured the moment Cristiano Jr. turned to look at Messi very affectionately.

Messi’s eldest son is a big fan of Ronaldo and often asks his father about CR7.

Meanwhile, Messi’s eldest son, Thiago Messi (8 years old), idolizes Ronaldo. This was shared by the Argentine player himself in an interview with Mundo Deportivo newspaper early last year.

Messi said that his eldest son knows quite a few players and often talks a lot about them. The 3 strikers that Thiago admires are Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. The boy knows a lot about his idols and loves to ask his dad about these superstars.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Upon learning this information, many people expressed interest and found the story really funny and adorable. At the same time, people left many witty comments like: ” Buddhist temples are not sacred “, ” Other people’s dads are always cooler than their own dads ” or ” Love for football and idols has no place for them.” favoritism, including father and son “… In addition, fans also praised the two fathers for being very civilized for not being afraid to reveal this to everyone.

Just joking, but in our hearts, everyone has their own idol, so do children. Having an idol will enrich a child’s spiritual world, help them relax, reduce mental pressure, and motivate them to pursue perfection…

Messi is the father of 3 sons.

Idols do not necessarily have to be relatives, and certainly do not affect relationships with family members. Furthermore, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi are world-famous football superstars, they have millions of fans, Cristiano Jr and Thiago Messi are also among them. If you ask the two kids about their father, they will definitely give their father good words because behind the field, CR7 and M10 are two very sweet dads.


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