… With Less Than $10000 Per Month [corrected – unpaid for 10 months], Wedson Nyirenda Was Competitive Against Algeria, Cameroon & Nigeria But With $25,000 Per Month Micho Has Turned Us Into Amateurs Against eSwatini, Lesotho & Botswana.

It’s evidently clear that Chipolopolo coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic is taking us nowhere.

He must step down forthwith.

This should allow the country’s beloved Chipolopolo rediscover its form in pursuit of a maiden World Cup place in Qatar next year.

Under the circumstances, the Qatar 2022 dream is beyond our reach.

The 1-2 loss at the hands of Lesotho on Thursday coupled with the 1-0 battering by eSwatini yesterday is a blow to our credentials as a footballing nation.

Not only has it left a serious dent, it signals the danger zone we find ourselves in.

There are varying schools of thought about Chipolopolo’s current shape.

Others are blaming the players, some are venting their frustration on the administration and others, rightly so, against the coach – Micho.

Going by the little information before me, I would agree with those pointing to Micho.

Those focusing their arsenals on the administrations have a valid point, too. It’s a topic for another day.

Yes, the players are missing golden opportunities. But let’s spare the lads for a moment.

Not too long ago under Wada as we call Wedson Nyrienda, these are the same players that showed us some flashy football and were competitive against continental giants in Algeria, Cameroon & Nigeria.

Didn’t we come close, out of nowhere, to an appearance at the Russia 2018 World Cup? That was Wada for you!

With Micho at the helm, the pendulum has turned upside down.

Those close to the team should know why.

And here is what I am gathering about Micho’s leadership.

1. He is inconsistent [has used over 40 players in less than 24 months].

2. He has lost the grip on the team [players have no regard for him].

3. Players do not hold him in as high esteem as a coach should [dressing room is in chaos].

4. His disrespect for players has created a sour atmosphere in the team [some players are refusing to work for him].

5. His alleged direct involvement in player transfers has unsettled the team [he recently instructed some players not to commit to their expiring contracts].

6. He lacks the ability to motivate the players to go an extra-mile [he is unable to inspire the team].

7. His results for Zambia show dismal output [he has won less than 50% of the games under his charge].

When Zambia failed to qualify to the 2021 Africa Cup, I was of the view reshuffling the technical bench as would be expected was unnecessary.

It would interfere with the spirit of consistency, I thought. Not after this dismal outing to the Cosafa tournament in South Africa.

In less than 60 days, Chipolopolo will start her campaign for Qatar 2022.

And events around the team suggests we must make changes ASAP!

Micho is building nothing.

Instead, he is dismantling the little Wada attempted to put together with very little resources and support.

It’s inconceivable that a coach would summon a player to the national team and tell him not to renew his contract at a local club because he had other plans for him.

It’s unacceptable that a coach can tell the Zambian public a certain player would not be part of the team because his club has not released him when it is in fact not true.

He is economical with the truth about the players. The players know he lies about them to the public.

Sadly, they can’t respond and rebuff his lies to the media because that’s just how life is sometimes.

It’s inconceivable that a coach would invite players from Europe and let them excuse themselves from camp on flimsy grounds – they feigned injuries and missed out on a four match tour of friendlies in June.

Team spirit is dead. Morale and unity is at its lowest ebb.

This has nothing to do with the players, folks.

Micho is just not cut for the Zambia job. Let him go back to Uganda!

Or wherever he came from.

If there is one factor that helped Zambia win the Africa Cup of Nations in 2012, the team spirit and morale that Herve Renard inculcated in our lads rank high.

Players are motivated when a coach is sincere, empathetic, understanding and motivating.

Even when they are disciplined for misdemeanors, the larger portion of the team agrees.

Micho has terribly failed.

On the pitch, Micho has posted poor results and used over 40 players in less than 24 months.

That’s a clear sign he doesn’t know what he wants.

He has failed to identify and groom a goalkeeper.

The same defense Wedson Nyirenda stitched together and used to contain the likes of Riyad Mahrez of Algeria is shambolic under Micho.

Without wasting time, let us swallow our pride, suppress the ego in man and recall Wada to national duty.

Give Wada the same financial capacity and support [instead of letting him go 10 months unpaid], he will deliver.

He has a lot more potential to deliver than this joke of an expatriate.

After winning the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, we have never had a better chance to assemble a good team than today.

We have a structure from which a formidable side can emerge.

All we need is a better architect, not Micho.

The immediate option, going by the time frame between now and the next competitive assignment in September, is Wada.

Please take Micho off the Chipolopolo bench.


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