Miles Sampa is a hired gun-Lusambo


Former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has claimed that a known business man with close links to President Hichilema with interest in shopping malls is finding Matero MP Miles Sampa to cause confusion in the PF.

Mr Lusambo who did not disclose the full details of the businessman claimed that Mr. Sampa has been receiving money from him to disturb the running of the PF.

He has since warned the businessman that his investments will suffer when the UPND leaves power in 2026.

In a statement, Mr. Lusambo urged Zambians to ignore Mr. Sampa because he is acting like someone of unsound mind.

“We watched a programme on Prime TV last evening featuring Miles Sampa. The lack of substance was deafening. He exposed his lack of basic understanding of the PF, a party he profuses to love. What is clear as day and night however is that Miles is a hired gun,” he said.

“He appears to suffer from mental instability and being used by a merchant of darkness, a man whose only interest is exploiting Zambian businesses through his chain of shopping malls to kill the PF. We know that Miles is receiving financing from this evil businessman to destabilize the PF. We wish to warn this businessman that his businesses will pay heavily after 2026 for working against democracy in Zambia,” Mr Lusambo warned.

“The clarification by the US Embassy that the purported meeting between Ambassador Gonzales and Miles Sampa Infact never took place recently is another confirmation that Zambians are dealing with a man who lacks a sense of shame. Like a man battling mental health issues, Miles has no idea whether he is coming or coming. And obviously because of such condition, Miles has no sense of purpose and timing.”

He added, “For him, lying on social media that he met Ambassador Gonzales is just one of his simple stunts, like the way he used to pose for photos with a pistol when he was running for Lusaka Mayor. The man looks like he has a disjointed brain and his latest stance to attempt to hijack the PF is another one of his many episodes. We wish to assure the nation that when this all thing is over, Miles will not even remember a thing that he did.”


  1. We also suspect that he is hired by Adada in exchange for protection, the other thing is that, if indeed he is of unsound mind and can still twist the PF with that unsound mind, then the mind of PF is worse off

  2. Stupid idiot, where were you when he was hired in 2014 to be used now? What do you know about PF when you were MMD die hard but died softly when you were hired by your fellow thieves, looters, plunderers and gassers? STUPID IDIOT.


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