Miles Sampa’s Expulsion Letters Are Illegal And A Nullity, Ignore Them- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Emmanuel Mwamba


Lusaka- Wednesday, 6th December 2023

We have noted the purported letters of disciplinary action that were issued by a Mr. Morgan Ngona against certain Patriotic Front members of parliament.

We must state that we have active matters in the Lusaka High Court and Lusaka Magistrate Court, and these actions being carried out with impunity by Miles Sampa violate the sanctity and integrity of the courts of law.

We advise that Sampa’s letters and action must be treated as part of a case of typical forgery we have repeatedly complained about to the Police and the courts of law.

We have demonstrated that Miles Sampa or his appointed officials have no authority, mandate, or powers to suspend or expel anyone in the Patriotic Front. Further he has no mandate to carry out political activities in the name of the Patriotic Front.

It is on record that Mr. Sampa was a suspended official at the time he held an illegal conference, a further aggravated action that earned him an expulsion from the Patriotc Front Party.

The action was illegal, and therefore, all subsequent actions Sampa and his so-called Secretary General, are engaged in, remain a nullity, and must be treated so.

We have also noted that Sampa’s activities are supported and orchestrated by the State to attempt to recognise and legitimise Sampa as PF President through the actions of offices of the Registrar of Societies, the National Assembly and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

These activities are a broader attack on Democracy and the rule of law.

We have witnessed the State at the forefront of promoting lawlessness.

Such actions remain totally illegal and are an abrogation of the Republican Constitution and the Rule of Law.

We urge our members of the Party to remain unmoved by these illegal attacks against the Party and its senior leaders and therefore ignore Sampa’s letters.

Issued by;
Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Chairperson of Information and Publicity
Member of the Central Committee


  1. For the sake of the party let’s be honest as the current position is very dare. It is either the ECL team this time also swallow their pride and reconcile with Miles Sampa or sink because what is happening is against it. Let’s not continue just keeping up appearances or it will end in TEARS. The party can’t afford to lose 9 seats at a go at this time. We want these opposition MpS in the house. The current situation is as a result of administrative mess up by those that were given responsibility to run the party. They should accept to have failed to deliver the party’s rebranding. I don’t think Miles Sampa had any intentions to hold his own conference until when he realized he was about to be dribbled again. Let’s reconcile and for now let Miles Sampa lead the party, this is how dirty politics are.

  2. Ignoring something is one thing and facing the reality is another. You can ignore the impending doom but pa last you come and perish. That’s what the prophets of doom were saying when Noah was preaching, they used all the soothing words to calm the people, but those prophets did not stop the flood from coming and they all perished. Especially you Mwamba, you are the master destroyer of PF just as you destroyed MMD. You overate yourself and think that without you PF cannot exist when it’s the opposite. Imagine two years down the line, you failed to go for a convention despite people paying ma 200,000. Do you own PF? If you had followed the party constitution and all the procedures, all this confusion wouldn’t have been there. But out of shame, ati it’s HH who is doing all this, did Hakainde stop you from holding your convention? If you felt Kabwe was far, you should have held it somewhere near just the way intelligent Sampa did. Stop blaming innocent people, this is your own blunder and you must accept it. The best and easiest alternative you can do is to join Sampa just as you joined Lungu when he did the same in 2014. History repeats itself.


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