MINISTERIAL INCEST IN DRC: Education Minister Mwaba Kazadi Impregnates His Deputy Minister Aminata Namasia


MINISTERIAL INCEST: Education Minister, Mwaba Kazadi, Impregnates His ‘Alluring’ Deputy Aminata
The minister of Primary Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Tony Mwaba Kazadi has impregnated his Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia in the Democratic Republic of Congo( DRC), claiming It was an accident at work.

Tony and Aminata have had a love affair going on for quite some time now. They work together and feelings grew deeper despite the fact that they’re both married.

This was revealed by a DC reporter known as Lungila John on Twitter.
The citizens of DRC lambasted the minister and his deputy, saying they portrayed bad conduct and showed proof of lack of morals in the country.

Archy Lema, a citizen of DRC and a Twitter user said, DRC is a country of shame. She said Aminata has no education to give to any young lady in the country.

Another citizen of DRC said if politicians in the country, especially Tony and Aminata wanted to be referred to as “excellencies” or “honorables”, their conducts should have been more excellent and honorable.
Especially since they are very popular and wealthy unlike other Congolese people.

Although, Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia, has been a good role model until this incident occurred.
On April 12, 2021, she was appointed National Deputy Minister of primary, secondary and Technical Education in the Democratic Republic Of Congo under Jean-michel Sama Lukonde’s cabinet.

Meanwhile DC is extremely rich in natural resources but has suffered fripolitical instability, a lack of infrastructure, corruption, and centuries of both commercial and colonial extraction and exploitation, followed by more than 60 years of independence, with little widespread development.

In addition, two million children risk starvation and the fighting has displaced 4.5 million people in DRC.
Meanwhile, Aminata opted not to address the scandal when the story hit social media space a few days ago but instead demanded that her privacy be respected.

Aminata, posted on twitter, “beyond my official and public duties, I have a life that must be respected by all. A right guaranteed to all Congolese by our Constitution. Tarnishing my image should not be a tolerated habit.

“Indeed, it could harm not only my commitments, but also the image of my married male colleagues and their homes.
“On the eve of the electoral contests scheduled for December of this year, political detractors can attack my opinions and political actions rather than opting for practices tending to smear my person.”
-drcnewstoday ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY The Street Journal


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