More Choma Residents Want Mweetwa To Resign

Cornelius Mweetwa
Cornelius Mweetwa


By Womba Kasela

More Choma residents have joined calls for their area Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa to step down for failure to develop the district.

One of the residents, Gift Katongo has questioned how the area MP is representing his people in parliament when he has shifted from the district.

Katongo tells Byta FM News that the only development which is the grading of roads has been inadequately done by those in charge leaving the roads bumpy with uncovered potholes.

Another resident, Austin Malambo says electorates will no longer be fooled to vote for a political party but what a candidate has to offer.

Last month, a local newspaper reported that the area MP had moved to Lusaka to defend the Republican President.


  1. Stupid fellow, his sponsors have felt the weight of Honorable Mweetwa hence sowing seeds of discontentment. The fellow is living in dream land. He does not know that this time around it is not the MP’s job to develop the constituency alone but rather works on the projects chosen by the community. It is the people themselves as part of the community who sit to prioritize the development to take place in each ward. The MP works to facilitate the release of the CDF and to supervise the projects together with the community and the council.
    My friend, you have been thrown off balance by sticking to the PF way of doing things that’s why you are blaming a hard working man. How would Choma be developed when your PF government never used to send CDF to opposition run districts. Go and ask your sponsors they have the answers as to why Choma is not developed if they are honest.


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