Tropical Storm Gombe is likely to make landfall at Nampula Province’s coastal district of Mossuril on Friday morning, Mozambican meteorological authorities warned on Thursday.

Tropical Storm Gombe is moving at a speed between 120 to 165 kilometers per hour.

Its impact is predicted to be much stronger than the tropical storm Ana that hit the region in January, according to Lelo Tayob, a meteorologist from the National Institute of Meteorology.

Speaking at a provincial session of the Emergency Operational Committee held in Nampula, Tayob said: At this moment, the system has already turned into a tropical cyclone and is already very close to the waters off our coast, towards the province of Nampula, and according to the forecasts, everything indicates that the district of Mossuril will be the entry point.

The National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction on Wednesday warned that 77 bridges, 2 058 schools, and 192 health unities in the central and northern region of the country could be affected by the cyclone.

Authorities’ response to imminent disaster
18 boats, food, and non-food items have been positioned in strategic locations to provide immediate assistance if necessary.

Domestic flights of the national airline LAM to central, northern regions have also been canceled.


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