By Wamui Nyumbu

UPND Mongu central constituency youths leaders have denied the allegations that area Member of parliament Hon Oliver Amutike has refused to help a family in Winela area of Mongu.

Mr Mubita Mubita has advised people to bear in mind that it’s not an MP responsibilities to always help everyone in the district but he can only help where he can manage.

Mr Mubita told BBN this morning that, I don’t think buying a coffin for any bereaved family is a responsibility of any member of parliament across Zambia, let’s learn to understand roles and responsibilities of our members of parliament.
He can only pledge if he wants as a person in the community, a member is responsible for the constituency policy initiatives and presents them in parliament for the house’s consideration e.t.c any other thing he or she does is deemed out of his free will.

Mr Mubita asked, Is it the responsibility of politicians to buy coffins for everyone? Unfortunately, our politicians go through such requests all the time. What they spend during campaigns and handouts during their term is more than what they earn. It’s little wonder they will take illegal money at the first temptation. Constituents, please understand the role of MPs and let them focus on their jobs. Otherwise, they will start avoiding you. You can’t be asking for money all the time.

People don’t have money every day regardless of their position in society.

Meanwhile Mr Mubita has labeled Mr Munyinda’s article that it is laced with hatred towards the MP, the man is just from donating a good number of blankets to Lewanika hospital, if we expect him to help everyone that calls him then we are expecting too much, do we know how many such calls he receives every day? He also has a family to take care of. By the way, get his side of story too.

On the same Friday, people claim that he refused to help , Hon Amutike was actually at Lewanika General Hospital donating 200 blankets. I can confirm that the honorable didn’t even receive any phone call because he only received one phone call over funeral from Mulambwa area where he even helped.

Mr Munyinda Munukayumbwa a well known barotseland activist has written an article where he said the area MP failed to help the family during the funeral time.

Credit: BBN


  1. The MP is right of course. What it really means is that the whole of Zambian society has work to do to teach our people how to organize work, how to cooperate in order to achieve common goals etc. The traditional African culture in its backward and communal way of sharing things is only suitable for a hunter-gatherer way of life and not in a modern money economy of paying bills and living with the law of contract.

  2. Please nobody wants to be lectured on responsibilities and non responsibilities of MPs, it’s just that under the Upnd government life has become very unbearable people or communities are failing to even buy coffins to bury their loved ones, so those affected in Mongu didn’t have anywhere to run to but to their area member of Parliament! He refused to assist so forget it. No lectures on responsibilities of MPs, they were asking for a humane gesture! Period! In rural areas nobody wants to even hear about Upnd! It’s over! People are sleeping hungry!


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