It is believed that Mr Mudenda a former student of Chalimbana University travelled all the way from Magoye of Mazabuka District in Southern Province to Lukulu in search of good lucky charms for the ongoing Teacher recruitment but got his face deformed in the process. On his fateful day, Mr Mudenda approached a Witch doctor by the name of Mukomena of Kakuyu village after being directed to by his long time female friend who got employed in the last Teacher recruitment without a connection (Chipego).

It is believed that Miss Chipego who is a teacher now at Kawama Primary School in Shivuyunji District of Lusaka narrated to Mr Mudenda how Dr Mukomena of Lukulu helped her get employed after many attempts of applications in the previous regime.

In interview with Mr Kashina who happens to be a Youth Advocate for Lukulu, Mr Mudenda narrated that he started of from his area of residence on 15th April after receiving a message that gave him the hope he has been waiting for in his entire life. Before reaching Lukulu, he had to meet with Chipo at Situmbeko for more information concerning the same thing. After being fed with the information he wanted, Mr Mudenda narrated that he had no time to waste but to board into a bus that was headed to Mongu town as he was going to drop off in Kaoma and connect to Lukulu the following day.

On 16th April at around 14:00, he arrived in Lukulu. He had to call the Witch doctor to come and pick him because he was not familiar with the area. The doctor sent his henchman man who came and picked his customer at old Lukulu new market where he was having his lunch. They travelled using an oxcart to Kakuyu and the expedition took them 4hrs to the destination. After supper they had a talk and the work started. He was told sleep naked under a bed whilst holding a white mug cup that contained some roots with black liquid stuff.

The following morning at 05:00, he was told to drink the same black liquid stuff and on every sip he was told to do some incarnation by mentioning all that he wanted to do. After that, the witch doctor rub him with with some whitish stuff at his face, chest and feet.

Mr Mudenda narrated that on his fateful day, Doctor Mukomena put a fire in a small hut. He put a big black old pot on the fire that contained roots and a skull that looked like that of a human. The pot started scalding. The doctor started dancing whilst looking in to the pot. He told me to close my eyes and put the charge money in the pot. I got confused because he didn’t mention the amount. Due to curiosity, I asked him how much should be that? He looked at me and shouted, just do the needful. I sank my hand into my bag and got a sum of K5,000 and put it in the pot, because that was what I prepared for after a tip by Chipo. We were able to communicate well because I was familiar with Silozi language due to the fact that I stayed in Kazungula for many years.

The doctor told me to remove my shirt and handover to him my papers. Because I was dressed by then. I did as I was commanded. As I was seated, He told me to stretch my legs close my eyes again. Within a short time I just felt a hot substance near my legs. The doctor held my head and pushed it down towards the hot pot and covered me with a stinking blanket. The atmosphere was unpleasant because it was very hot in their as eyes sweating heavily. He told me to speak to myself all that I wanted for the recruitment, of which I did.

He uncovered me and got back the pot on fire. After 5 minutes, he told me to bent again and he covered me with blanket with the pot between my legs. This time around, I felt my face as if it was dropping off. My eyes started dripping, I was failing to breathe properly. What happened next I never knew, only to be told I’m in a hospital and I couldn’t see (I lost my sight).

As we speak now, Doctor Mukomena is under police custody together with his henchman, whilst Mr Mudenda is pleading to well wishers to take him back to his home in Magoye as someone assisted him to send his papers to the DEBS via post office because time was elapsing for applying.
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