Former MMD Muchinga Member of Parliament Howard Kunda has been forced to officially launch a new political party called Zambia Wake-Up Party (ZAWAPA) via a media briefing after he was denied clearance to hold a public rally.

ZAWAPA was registered in May 2023 and was initially expected to be launched last August at a public rally.

However, the party tried in futile to secure police clearance to stage a public party launch at Musa Kasonka Stadium in Masala, Ndola owing to alleged security concerns

Today in the company of ZAWAPA National Leadership and selected party members, Mr. Kunda unveiled the ZAWAPA Constitution and Manifesto for 2026 to 2031 at Musamani Lodge in Kansenshi, Ndola.

In his speech as interim President, Mr. Kunda declared that Zambians are tired of rhetoric from elected leaders.

He said ZAWAPA was a party for all Zambians founded on the aspiration and identity of Zambia and that it would be anchored on economic development plus good governance.

Mr. Kunda noted that currently the people of Zambia were suffering as if they did not have leaders to facilitate economic development.

He bemoaned the high cost of living, weak kwacha, offering of tax holidays to foreign companies and failed leadership.

Mr. Kunda served as Serenje’s Muchinga Constituency Member of Parliament from 2012 to 2021 on the MMD ticket.


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