Highlights from the press briefing held by Thabo Kawana on the electricity situation in the country

Thabo Kawana
Thabo Kawana

Highlights from the press briefing held by Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana on the electricity situation in the country:

✅ The short fall of electricity has increased from 450 Megawatts to 750 Megawatts.

✅Government is encouraging citizens to go solar especially for lighting and refrigeration.

✅ Government is cognisant to that fact that Solar products are quite expensive and it is for this reason that business community is urged especially those dealing with solar products to pass on the benefit to the consumers by making them more affordable.

✅Government has put zero tax on solar products to make them affordable.

✅Government is urging institutions such as hospitals, Barracks and higher learning institutions among others to seriously consider going solar in the next 3 months.

✅In this regard, 250 Megawatts of power which is 40% of power being consumed in Lusaka will be saved.

✅ Further, modalities are being worked on to restart Ndola Energy which will bring on board 105 Megawatts of power.

✅ 120 Megawatts of emergency power is expected in the next 4 months, which will be using diesel powered generators that will be stationed in Ndola and Mpika.

✅ Government is urging citizens and security wings to be alert due to the fact that vandalism is on the rise.

✅The current electricity situation will be reviewed every month to examine the changing parameters.


  1. Import electricity from Turkish ships to be docked at one of the Mozambique harbours
    Ask Zambians to pay for this expensive electricity and I can assure you that they will agree instead of being subjected to loadshedding

  2. UPND na kaso.
    No mention of importing electricity, sure?
    Do you really understand the damage to the economy this load management has brought?
    Learn to be serious for once.


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