VIDEO: I am a dove and a snake at the same time… I’m A Serpent (Snake) And A Violent Man But Our Friends Think Am A Joker – Edgar Lungu


Kalani Muchima wrote…


Here are some highlights of what he said accompanied by a video for the avoidance of any doubt.

“Am a serpent (snake) and a dove combined hence that’s how I managed to plan my way from chawama to state house in 2015”.

“Am a snake that’s why our friends are having verbal diarrhea”.

“People are talking about 2026 elections but am here to tell you that we may not even reach 2026 because we may deliver a baby before that time”.

“They (GOVT) mobilized police officers and junkies to beat me in Kanyama where I was invited by the UCZ but being the snake 🐍 that I am, am here. Imingalato. I have beaten them”.

“Am not scared of anything and anyone because if am arrested, I have a lawyer here (Sakwiba Sikota) who will come to bail me out”.

“Let me not talk too much because am a violent man”.

Video: 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿


    • Ubukopo ba Praise Thug. Know the similes and figurative speech Edgar Lungu is using…ECL is quoting from Matthew 16:10 , and clearly says so.. Don’t misinterpret.
      The man is just too smart for ba Praise Thug…The man still has it.. Give him a platform , and the crowd will follow! Even his reference to Pregnancy Period, is cleverly presented…theres nothing like treason here.
      Right now Shiki will start..

  1. Friendly advice to Lungu, Sakwiba and UKWA leaders, please don’t under rate or under estimate Hakainde Hichilema either as president or as a leader of UPND! This is the man you failed to dislodge or finish when ge was in opposition. You employed all methods , using both the legal system and police to eliminate him but failed. You put him in prison, abused his freedom of movement, arrested him several times but you failed. That time Lungu was in statehouse and behaving like a black mamba. Lungu addressed a crowd at Ndola airport that he was going to ensure HH dies in Jail once he won 2021 elections. Today, Lungu is in opposition and he is saying he will use the back door to become a president by removing HH.He is saying they may deliver a baby before 2026. That’s what he was saying at a political rally in Dan Pule’s conference room. The government and HH are well ahead of you as it was in 2021. My only worry is that you ba UKWA is that you may soon commit a reasonable offense that will put you in problems. And Lungu should not think that he is the only politician around! HH was in opposition for 23 years! He defeated you clean! He is by far, more smarter than you! HH is a very intelligent leader. Ba UKWA let the sleeping dog lie! We know that most of your members have cases and others have lost property to the state but take it easy. HH is the president, and whatever you re scheming to destabilize the peace of Zambia, you will only have yourselves to blame. Where is Nakachinda? No one is even talking about him. Zambia is bigger than PF or UKWA or Lungu. Please tread carefully. Now Lungu is trying to use the Church for illegal activities; you will be alone!

    • Very good advice indeed.

      I hope ECL and those clapping for him are ready for the consequences of what they are asking for.

  2. I never imagined Sakwiba Sikota would sink so low.! Even a fool is smarter and more intelligent than him! I think sometimes growing up can sometimes become a problem because someone upon a time intelligent people, becomes fools of themselves! Anyway that’s what happens when you are power hungry and age catches up with you. At one point Sikota was leader if UPND..but he can’t imagine that his strategies failed him and HH is president! And even in 2026, HH is winning with landslide!

    • He is going to rig the vote by excluding UKA from the ballot, courtesy of the HaECZ. In a fair election like the 2021 one,UPND in 2026 would have a landslide win by 200% in the Zambezi provinces!!! He has lost popularity in the provinces which cast a protest vote against PF. I’m afraid the 2026 vote is going to be a protest one against UPND but the HaECZ will declare your party as the “winner “ regardless.
      If you don’t agree, just allow UKA to be on ballot and you will see!!

  3. Ecl, you are a chikala and satan nyoko that’s it. You are also a ba5terd and king of corruption, you say will be soon at hand you effer

  4. I think this man is, awee, I don’t know. He is just something else I can’t believe just to imagine that this is a person we had as president in this country? Aikona Man I don’t even know how to describe this Lungu. But worth it, even to see people in the house of God are even ululating and cheering to such foolishness in a house of God. I wonder and just fail to think and imagine the house of God that can entertain such. No, not the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. Surely?

    This is just something else. Listening to such ooh no.

    • Understanding similes and figurative speech can be problematic if one is not a native English speaker or not Educated enough.
      ECL was using similes and spoke figuratively. Okay?

  5. I hated ECL all the way up to 2020. But now I like this guy. He is so smart for the entire dull UPND clan. They don’t see him coming. Ever. He has managed to stick to the golden rule “silence is a powerful weapon”. He hits them at a time they think he continue being quiet.

    • The Hebrew word נָחָשׁ (Nāḥāš) is used in the Hebrew Bible to identify the serpent that appears in Genesis 3:1, in the Garden of Eden. In the first book of the Torah, the serpent is portrayed as a deceptive creature or trickster, who promotes as good what God had forbidden and shows particular cunning in its deception.

  6. Praise Thugs never cease to amaze…ubukopo too much. ECL is in his presentation which was very good, is using similes and figurative speech, quoting from Matthew 16:10
    In sending the 12 Disciples Jesus said to them ” Behold I send you forth as Sheep in the midst of Wolves, be he therefore wise as serpents and, harmless as doves”
    That’s what Edgar Lungu is saying…ba Praise Thug bukopo bwashani ubu?
    Don’t waste people’s time with useless headlines..We have listened to the speech, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it..
    This is the diarrhea ECL is talking about…The man speaks for just 3 minutes
    And the ripples go into some people’s stomachs balwala na shiki! Bwafya.

    • This is the quality of UPND minds Zambia is lumbered with. God help us. They cannot see the wood for the trees!!!

  7. In Mbala he literally ate the snake, today he says I am a dove at the same time a snake, he seems to love the snakes very much. But can God hear a prayer from a snake?

  8. I doubt if Lungu’s interpretation and understanding of the word serpent in the scripture he quoted is the Lord Jesus Christ’s interpretation and understanding. Hope Lungu was not referring to being more deceitful and scheming more wicked plots in his quest to wrestle power by all means — given he has intimated of a newborn before 2026. Best to keep an eye on him and all his associates including priests.

  9. KK was right!!
    Zambia has failed to produce a great leader like KK!
    It has been a downhill trend for Zambia where leadership is concerned.
    Zambia will now be locked up in a useless vicious cycle of political revenge and violence!
    The only way to secure a safe future for Zambia is to look beyond our Two thieving failures and not recycling them!
    Madness is repeating the same folly and expecting different results!
    Don’t allow violent militias to govern again!
    Let’s challenge all aspiring candidates to Public Debates so that we can pick their brains!
    That’s the best approach to choosing leaders!

  10. How do you vote back someone who not only confesses that he is a violent person, but also walked the talk while in state house?
    Who, in their normal senses can vote for Lungu, honestly?
    Vote him to the derement of our country.
    I have said it before that this man is not a Zambia. Even if the country was to go into flames, he cares less.
    You championing lungu in UKA, I hope you will never to regret your actions

  11. The last part of ECL’s speech….” Let me end here, pantu ndi walubuli ”
    The author of the article interprets it as ” Let me end here as am a violent person” , mmmh , that doesn’t seem correct; you can fail your English with that mindset…look at the context , then interpret…

    ” Let me end here, because or as , I provoke” , or am provocative, or will provoke more , are more contextually correct, and not the words “Violent person ” the author is trying to fuse in!

    • Agreed,data interpretation can be a problem for those with humble educational backgrounds. They should leave political commentary the big boys.


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