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By: Sakwiba Sikota


The world is generally filled with bad news and negativity.

Let us start this year with positivity and heart warming stories that do not weigh down on our shoulders.

I hope that comments to this posting will pick up on the positive theme and nominate people they feel should be on the list giving reasons why they should be considered. Alternatively people reading this post and comments giving their own nominees can simply like the comment.

This will give an indication of which nominees are most deserving.

This is my list of nominees of Zambians worthy of consideration to be awarded the Fair Play or Good Samaritan Award for 2023. My list includes even people doing heroic deeds or things they were not obliged to do and I give brief description of why I have nominated these people.

My nominees for the ‘Zambia 2023 Fair Play Awards’ or ‘2023 Zambian Good Samaritan Award’, in no particular order, are:

*Kenny Kangwa who found joy in giving provisions for two week old twins whose mother died in child birth. He was not related to the twins but just learnt of their plight and thought that he should contribute to give them a fair initial start in life. His action brought the plight of these orphaned twins to everyone’s attention so much so that other individuals and even the government felt compelled to step in.

*UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda for issuing a statement that strongly condemned and chastised the incorrigible Inspector General of Zambia Police and his men for disrupting Kasonde Mwenda’s press briefing in Kitwe and the ruling party cadres for assaulting and abducting the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader towards the end of last year. It shows fair play when you chastise your own.

*Trade Kings Foundation, a private organisation, for donating K250,000:00 to government towards the rescue mission at the Senseli Mine disaster rescue mission. Other organisations then followed suit to donate to government over the same.

*Dr. Fred M’membe for going to give solidarity to the Lungu family at Police station where Esther Lungu was detained. This is especially so seeing what the relationship between the Post Newspapers and the ECL administration was.

*Rescue teams drawn from Nkana, Mufulira, Mopani, Nchanga, KCM Mines for sending rescuers to assist at the SenseIi Mine disaster.

*Dolika Banda for stepping down from her lucrative job as ZCCM-IH Chairperson over what she saw as irregular transactions amidst political interference. She felt she could not fairly represent the people of Zambia and their mining interests in the face of these irregularities and political interference. She thought it was honourable to give up her lucrative job than to succumb to political interference glossing over these irregularities which were unfair to the Zambian people.

*Save Zambia group for cancelling Copperbelt rally due to sensitivity to the families of victims and community in the Senseli Mine disaster. They decided to cancel the rally even though this was first rally that the police had not indicated they would stop.

*Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa for stating that he would not stand for UPND Presidential Campaign Team member, Beene Hachoombwa’s, agenda to marginalize PF supporters and deny them jobs and business contracts.

*Former Registrar of Societies Thandiwe Mhende-Phiri in the face of tremendous pressure and knowing that her job was on the line, releasing party records as they stood at the time of High Court request. She did not effect changes as she thought it was only fair that she considers whether the PF Constitution had been followed.

*Kwela Trust for feeding, during this festive season, over two hundred vulnerable children and their minders. This is something they have been doing the last ten years.

*Mrs. Mulambwa Manengu Gondwe the head of Sisabelo Saka School which provides quality education for visually impaired children. Her love and dedication to having the visually impaired have a fair and equal chance in life draws her to selfless dedication.

The above are my nominees for the “Zambia 2023 Fair Play Award.”


  1. It’s a commendable initiative that shouldn’t be seen from a political perspective. It would encourage people to do what right and we hat is good. Good deeds need to be encouraged and appreciated. Well done State Counsel Sakwiba Sikota.

  2. @Kubeja it must be usual satire, queer as it maybe. How do you award for showing solidarity to friends who facilitated what they think is “smart” tax and other statutory obligations evasion as fair play???

  3. I would also nominate Hakainde Hichilema for ensuring equal rights for all citizens, especially the LGBT community. He has truly done wonders on this one.


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