Private Amos Mwale 16155 served with the 1st Battalion Northern Rhodesia Regiment- 1st NRR from 20/5/1942 to 31/1/1946. Private Amos Mwale was enlisted in Lusaka, Zambia. He is from the Nsenga tribe. He served in Burma with the 11th (East African) Division- 21st Infantry Brigade. The 11th (East African) Division was made up of Africans from Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Uganda, Kenya and Belgian Congo, commanded by European officers and NCO.

The 11th (East African) Division first prepared in Ceylon with emphasis on jungle warfare before been sent to fight the Japanese Imperial Army in Burma. Arriving at India/ Burma in June 1944. General Slim commander of the 14th Army later personally congratulated these brave African soldiers.

In his own words he said that the 11th (East African) Division, a later comer in the field, has lost no time in making its mark and showing itself to be of the highest fighting quality, great things are expected of you and the 14th Army is proud to have you amongst them. To the officers and African soldiers of the 11th (East African) Division I send my congratulations.

Private Amos Mwale served in the Burma campaign and passed through India to Kohima, Imphal, Palel, Tamu in the Kabaw Valley, Mawlaik and Kalewa. Its is interesting to note that many Zambian Army barracks around the country today are named after these places during the Burma Campaign, in honour of the Zambian soldiers and the 14th Army who served there. From time to time some older people in Myanmer today can still remember the brave Zambian soldiers like Private Amos Mwale who would have passed through their villages in Burma. They were remembered especially by the Burmese people for their friendly smiling faces and the kindness they showed to the local village people. Lest We Forget!
Credit: Medal of KAR


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