Pastor Asks Followers To Sell Their Property, Give Him The Money To Buy Them Plots Of Land In Heaven


Pastor Asks Followers To Sell Their Property, Give Him The Money To Buy Them Plots Of Land In Heaven

A pastor at the David of the Universal Apostle Fellowship Church has reportedly begun selling a portion of land in heaven to his followers.

It is alleged that most of his church members have swiftly paid large sums of money to him to secure the land for them.

Others who cannot afford the full payment have also been given a flexible payment plans to make a reservation on the offer.

Fred Isanga, a Ugandian born pastor who is now based in Pretoria is the head of David of the Universal Apostle Fellowship Church of Righteousness located in Pretoria the administrative capital of South Africa.

According to reports, Pastor Isanga has Succeded in convincing his followers to sell off their land, animals and other assets to raise the capital for the acquisition of the heavenly property.

It is unclear how much the doom pastor is charging for a piece of land in heaven.

It is however obvious that some so-called pastors are purposefully using the name of God to manipulate their ‘unsuspecting’ members.

A few months ago, the police arrested a Zimbabwean pastor after he sold ‘tickets to heaven’ to his congregation at R9600 per person.

It was revealed that the man of God, identified as Pastor Tito Wats, and his wife asked believers to buy the tickets because it would give them a special access to the gates of heaven.

Pastor Tito Wats could not shut up his mouth whiles even in police custody.

He said Jesus appeared to him and gave him the controversial tickets made of pure gold and for that matter he thinks his arrest is baseless.

” I do not care what people or the police are saying about me, I am being persecuted because of doing the work of God.

‘Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the tickets made of pure gold so that I can sell to people who want salvation’, he added.

Interesting enough, a section of his congregation wants the police to stop persecuting the man of God.

Thousands of people protested his arrest saying Pastor Tito Wats should be freed as his continuous detention would block their chances to heaven.


  1. Do these pastors hypnotise their followers to make them so stupidity and senseless? How does someone with a normal mind sell his/her property and hand over the cash to another human being for the sake of “securing a plot in heaven?” Absolute nonsense.


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