By Elias Sakala cic Private Reporter.



It requires a very little level of intelligence for one to see that the Patriotic Front Lusaka Province Chairman Mr Paul Moonga is a lunatic. It is very difficult to try and understand just what could be driving the mind of a grown man like him. The utterances and actions of this man leaves much to be desired. When the whole country is united in condemning the barbaric attack on Charmaine Musonda and her colleagues which occured on 15th November 2020 that is when Mr Moonga chooses to show us just how shallow minded he is.

For Paul Moonga to try and twist known facts by suggesting that Charmaine was attacked by fellow UPND members is beyond shameful. It is a well known fact that Charmaine was attacked and robbed by PF Cadres led by Oga of Kalundu. It is also beyond dispute that those PF cadres attacked her at her private residence and robbed her of valuable properties that includes money. It appears that only the lunatic Paul Moonga has failed to grasp these straight forward facts.

We know that Paul Moonga posseses absolutely no known skill set that can enable him survive without being a kandile and a sebana wikute however, even in being a mushanina bwali there should be some level of decency and self restraint. We urge Paul Moonga to grow up for once and stop exhibiting his foolishness in public.

In the deluded mind of Paul Moonga he sees nothing wrong with the conduct of his cadres who brutally attacked a defenceless woman. To him violence and brutality are a way of life. We have not forgotten how Sean Tembo was last year attacked and brutalized right in the middle of Cairo road. In that aggravated robbery Mr Tembo was robbed of various valuables including phones and money. And guess who was fingered as the perpetrator of that criminal attack? Paul Moonga. The only crime that Mr Tembo and others committed to be made subjects of that brutality was to voice out against PF corruption and theft in the acquisition of the useless 42 fire tenders at $42 million.

We know that Paul Moonga has not yet been made to account for that aggravated robbery case but the time shall come when UPND forms government next year, Mr Moonga and his cohorts shall be made to account for every criminality they have committed so far.

In his myopic thinking Mr Moonga wants to sale the unsellable lie that UPND members can attack a fellow UPND member. Apparently Mr Moonga wants to mistake the UPND for PF where internal fighting and killing each other is the order of the day.Paul Moonga ought to know that UPND is one big united family with a common purpose.

We have one mindset and a shared goal. We neither fight amongst ourselves nor do we believe in shedding innocent blood. We are focused on one thing and that is to ensure that this thieving and corrupt PF government is replaced by a competent and visionary leadership headed by our President HH. No amount of hallucinations from the lunatic mind of Paul Moonga shall derail us from this noble cause and task.

The least that we expect of the likes of Paul Moonga and his fellow criminals that attacked Charmaine is that they hand themselves over to the police so that they are made to account for their criminal deeds, failure to which we call upon the Zambia Police to immediately arrest these aggravated robbers and throw them in prison where they belong without any further delay.



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