Lusaka, 26th September 2022

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), we welcome the statement issued by the Minister of Transport; Honourable Frank Tayali that Government will re-introduce police road blocks in view of the many fatal road accidents in the past few days, including the Great East Road UNZA Entrance accident which claimed 12 lives, as well as the Nsumbu-Nsama Road accident which claimed the lives of 20 members of the United Church of Zambia.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to put it on record that when the UPND administration made the populist policy decision to suspend police road-blocks upon ascending to office about a year ago, we strongly opposed it on the basis that police road-blocks are important for the purpose of maintaining law and order on our roads, as well as averting road traffic accidents and saving lives. However, in their usual fashion of not listening to opposition voices, the UPND Government rubbished our concerns.

3. It is further worth noting that the UPND administration decided to ban police road-blocks on the basis of mere speculation that traffic police officers are corrupt and that the policing of our roads should only be left in the hands of the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA). This was despite our advice that RTSA does not have enough manpower to adequately police our roads in the absence of the Zambia Police Traffic Department.

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress we demand that the New Dawn administration in general, and the Ministers of Transport and Logistics as well as Home Affairs and Internal Security; Honorable Frank Tayali and Jack Mwiimbu respectively should lender an apology to the Zambian people for the hundreds of lives that have been unnecessarily lost on our roads in the past one year, due to their wrong policy decision to suspend police road-blocks.

5. Such an apology from Government is a decent thing to do and it will give citizens an assurance that the UPND administration has learnt from its policy mistakes, and that going forward they will be more considerate to the advice coming from opposition political parties such as ourselves. We would also like to take this opportunity to advise the UPND administration that no Government has ever succeeded in properly running the affairs of the nation to the exclusion of key stakeholders such as the opposition.

6. Successfully running a Government is supposed to be a collective undertaking by all stakeholders in the country, including the opposition. The UPND should advise it’s praise singers to desist from insulting, demeaning and persecuting those of us who hold a different view on national matters. We mean well for this nation and often times, our views on national matters are better informed than those of Government. Let us unite in our ideas for building our nation and delivering development to our people. Our people want development and not petty politicking whereby Government considers anything coming from the opposition as bad and wrong.



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  1. I think it is not about police road blocks nor bad roads in the city. It is about speed by our mini buses. Usually when there is an accident it is normally caused by the unqualified bus conductor driving. I think speed checks are what is called for now.

  2. How on earth is the government supposed to apologise for a wrong done by individuals who don’t even work for it. What the government is
    supposed to do is to punish the culprits. The problem is you hate UPND and HH so much that whatever bad happens you want to
    bring in HH. How are you going to know where an accident will occur so that you mount a road block there.

  3. We miss it again…..Public transport and Truck driving licence issuance should be as tight as ZIALE exams. Apart from driving knowledge and skills, they should also undergo behavioural change. A full time classroom arrangement is required for these people. And this should be on a syllabus agreed by SADC region.

  4. This is a case of a wrong prescription to cure an ill. Road blocks do not prevent overspeeding.
    Inexplicably, the whole country has stopped thinking.
    How on earth could a road block have averted the Nsumbu or UNZA accident is beyond belief.

  5. This thug wants to comment on everything so that he can dupe the masses. Roadblocks were removed because policemen/women became a nuisance by demanding bribes from motorists. Bowman when he was Minister for Lusaka Province even had running battles with them, remember? We were known within the region that Zambia Police was a corrupt institution. Stop yapping about accidents, which in my view, every driver must take extra precaution whilst on the road. Driving like a maniac only leads to one thing, “fatal accidents”. We just lost 20 UCZ congregants, but has anyone questioned the mourners, who are usually packed like sardines when heading to various cemeteries?? Fuso Canters load over 200 human beings, and no one cautions them!! Traffic Police Officers are there to ensure that traffic regulations are adhered to and not to extort motorists!!

  6. Removal of road blocks cannot be and is never the reason why accidents are rampart, it is the stupidity of the drivers and those who corruptly issue drivers licences to ignorant, incompetent and unqualified drivers. You are even contemplating on reducing the PSV licence issuance from 25 to 20 years, are you mad? Are you not supposed to increase it to 30 years? Look at the age group that is in majority in causing accidents and tell me I am mad. Are you stupid? Do the police men at road blocks escort the drivers to their destination? Do they not remain on the road block operating the ATM? The problem you have is having no sufficient manpower for road patrols and the vehicles and fuel to use for such patrols. Otherwise the presence of patrol vehicles everywhere is the answer, not roadblocks. Waumfwa iwe ci Tembo? stupid idiot.


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