Pethias Mwamba given one month community service

Embattled Pethias Mwamba Mulenga, a Kasama businessman, who recently allegedly gazed at naked female pupils at a local boarding school for girls, has been slapped with a one-month community service sentence by the Kasama Magistrates Court.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial on Monday 22nd November, 2021, the State applied before the Court to change the charge from indecent Curiosity to conduct likely to breach peace.

According to Radio Mano, after the State reduced the charge, Pethias Mwamba Mulenga 36, of Mulenga Hills suburb pleaded guilty and asked for leniency, saying he will never indulge in such a vice.

And in response, Resident Magistrate, Samson Mumba, said he had considered the mitigation hence slapping him with a one-month community service sentence.

Pethias Mwamba Mulenga, was arrested for allegedly gazing at naked girls who were bathing out-side the ablution around 05:00 hours at Kasama Girls Secondary School on 4th November 2021.



  1. We have way too many low quality people in zambia, some of those girls will end up on a porn site,… wat message does this send to future offenders


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