PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) will not bounce back to power because it is a dead and buried party.

Speaking in Lusangazi district of Eastern Province, while drumming up support for UPND Lusangazi Council Chairperson aspiring Fred Banda, President Hichilema said what has remained of the PF is a ghost party.

The Head of State noted that the people of Zambia decided to reject the PF party out of power in the August 12 General Elections because they noticed that their deeds were not pleasant.

He has since urged the people of Lusangazi district not to make a mistake on 21st October, 2021 by voting for the ghost PF party.

“PF will not bounce back to power because it is dead and buried, what has remained of it is a ghost party,” President Hichilema said.

And President Hichilema has assured the farmers that supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) that their money will be paid soon.

President Hichilema said payments for the farmers have delayed because this is how it was planned under the PF budget that is effective until December this year.

“We will do our best to push for the money to pay the farmers, I have asked the minister of finance to outsource for the money,” he stated.


  1. Kkkkkkk.. Dead and buried!! Your Excellency this may be too blunt a statement to make.

    By default you are a Custodian and an advocate of our democratic state as a country and hence embracing every legally registered political party. PF as an organisation only dies when it is de-registered to operate as a political party.

    However, I do understand and agree with you that the current crop of leaders leading PF are finished as they have become irrelevant as far as the aspirations of the citizens are concerned.

    We don’t want you to be blamed of planning to destroy the PF party, they themselves are doing a very good effective job already.

    Besides Sir you gave them a whipping they will not soon forget. Let us the voters inform them of their pending extinction if they continue spreading hatred and tribalism.

  2. Sorry they party that will soon be extinct is Upnd because it’s a tribal party. How can one be proud of winning all votes in one region? Something is certainly wrong there. The Northerners will also be voting on the same lines and we shall see who will have the majority votes. Just wait a bit! Time will catch up with you. PF has a lot of support in the Northern part of Zambia and you dream of it being dead? Reality will soon catch up with you. You can pretend that you are not tribal it’s but for how long? After those results from Southern province, people are saying, yaa Tongas are very selfish, they can’t vote for any other tribe. That is called Tribalism! Not when Kambwili tells you that you are tribalists and you call him a tribalist? When it’s you are actually practicing Tribalism for voting only for your tribesmen. Zambians are watching you, you may think you are very clever now, but reality will soon catch up. Kambwili is not a Tribalist by telling you that you are practicing Tribalism and urging the Northerners to copy your acts.

    • You don’t sound convincing. How do you explain the defeat you experienced recently.

      The UPND team gave the PF a technical knock out strategically. Your reasoning does not hold any water. What you are talking about is popularity. Same thing happened to PF. They had strong hold too in certain regions.

      The PF lost because they had the wrong plan. This tribalism card you are flashing is not working. That’s why UPND is in power and your team is not.

      No amount of lying will save PF this time around. This trick won’t work. The UPND – alliance will certainly delivery a knock out punch even in the areas where PF had previously had strong leading.

      The PF has been outsmarted. Newsflash they are in power that’s what is telling. No amount of hatred will change that. The outsmarted their opponents.

    • In case you have forgotten, Winning votes in one region does not mean the party is tribal. Our founding father Dr. KAUNDA, President BANDA and LUNGU enjoyed massive support from eastern province. Dr. CHILUBA was never beaten by any party in Luapula. SATA was never beaten by any political party in Northern either. We never called these provinces tribal.

      From this scenarios, we see that people in all provinces support thier sons. Also, tribal cousins, would support thier cousins. There is nothing wrong with this…people supporting thier children.

      Hence, ba Kambwili thought going tribal would work for PF but forgot that people along the line of rail from Livingstone to Chililabombwe can analyse issues. They know that voting for a tribes man does not put food on the table. I have never recieved a bag of mealie meal because an Easterner was in State House .Apparently, all towns in southern province are along the line of rail and can easily understand issues.

      That’s why Kambwili with his big belly and small brain thought his tribal rantings in Luapula and Northern provinces because PF registered alot of voters in these provinces while reduced numbers in southern, western and north western, a win was guaranteed for PF.Imagine, even ECZ was tribal in thier registration. But forgot the power of Lusaka, central and copperbelt provinces.

      We know President LUNGU’s tribal government hired choppers for Kambwili and GBM to preach tribalism, because LUNGU never condemned those rantings.

      Please take note since independence the Tonga people supported KAUNDA, CHILUBA, MWANAWASA, BANDA, SATA and LUNGU. So, now that a Tonga is a president then he and the Tonga people are tribal.


    • Ba Makuka remember we had UNIP, MMD, PF and many other parties. Where is UNIPand MMD?

      PF is much worse party in Zambian history…corruption, caderism, gassing and murders of political opponents. Just because my mother comes from Northern Province you don’t expect me to vote for PF as long as I live.

      I would rather vote for MMD or any other political party. I know my brother you are still confused with PF’s loss.

      Wake up and move on. If you benefited from PF and you were one of those youths displaying thousands of kwachas. That did not apply to other youths in Zambia.

      Tongas are not the majority in this country, its the people of Zambia including Easteners and Northerners that punished PF.

      Have you ever seen UNIP Or MMD coming back to power after lossing? So, what’s special about PF? Nothing special…PF can not match MMD, but now MMD is half dead.

    • People don’t vote for tribes but political parties together with candidates they are offering. HH was a very strong candidate compared to Lungu. No normal person can ever vote for Lungu.

      Don’t cheat your selves that Bemba’s alone can produce a president. We need a national president not a Bemba president. I really hate this tribal inclination by some people. I hope such people can repent. We are one people.

  3. Your Excellency,
    That statement sounds like cheap politics. Let us have politics of dignity. Trust our intelligence. We will vote for the best.

    We wish to see a President with all his power give respect to other parties and candidates. Dont demean them like previous presidents used to do, it does not befit the presidency.

    What o mean to say, don’t stoop so low just to get votes.

    We the electorate will decide.

  4. You must be very dull! If that’s not Tribalism and selfishness then what is it. One tribe called Tonga, all voting for one Tonga man when there were 8 Bemba candidates, 5 Easterners, 2 Westerner! That’s voting for somebody because he’s fellow Tonga. That’s Tribalism and selfishness. Just wait things will soon start bouncing back to you and you won’t be clever any more! You don’t have the numbers. Mwa winine fye by force, killing people’s parents and the children are orphans now and you are happy with that. Lesa aka mikanda!

  5. @Mukuka…am not sure how old you are…My humble opinion tells me that you don`t know Zambian politics.Kambwili is not a leader,just some dull chap without brains…Tongas voted for chiluba (Lupula) 1991 let alone for two terms…was this tribal?Now because a Tonga is your president you bring your tribal Bemba rantings…Hatred is not lost its finished!Wake up and smell the coffee boy…This election was not about tribe…it was about a leader who can stabilize the Zambian economy and bring development to all…It was about a man who wanted to bring dictatorship tendencies and majority refused…he had to go.It was about a man who has acquired millions together with his Ministers in a short period of time.It was about shortages of medicine in hospitals.It was about buying fire trucks and ambulances at an extremely abnormal price…its was about construction of roads at abnormal prices as well…the list goes on and on…It was about ministers and permanent secretaries only from one region…get this to your head

  6. @MUKUKA how many people died and pf…i mean being brutality murdered.They are many.Don`t show your us your stupidity hatred here ..You don`t have peace boy.Zambia is big and not all BEMBAS are foolish like you.If used to benefit from corrupt deals kuli ba pf… the game has changed boy,go and find a straight job like everyone else.


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