Zambias largest opposition party, the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament today visited the above mentioned foreign missions in Zambia and issued a warning regarding consequences of them supporting the destruction of democracy and the circumvention of the rule of law in Zambia.

The MPS said, there is mounting pressure from Zambian masses who believe the recent occurrences are supported by foreign interests working with the UPND government to obliterate democracy and shutter the rule of law in the country.

What is happening in Zambia cannot be allowed to happen in countries of those accused to supporting those acts in Zambia. Consequently, masses in Zambia have urged MPs to adequately represent their aspirations and avoid a total breakdown of the rule of law.

The MPs acknowledged that the democratic space is shrinking with unprecedented velocity creating a high chance of political volatility.

And therefore their made their warning was both timely and made in national interest.

Over 30 MPs participated in the delivery of this message.


  1. This is an embarrassing and stupid act by the soon to be expelled MP idiot MPs. We all know that they respected no laws and democratic tenets they are talking about now. They have seen that HH has given them licence to rant and rave like monkeys and hyenas, a democratic right they are abusing this very moment.

    I say it again. HH should hold a meeting with the whole diplomatic corps and share his he intends to put these people into order and prevent them from further embarrassing us internationally because that is their intention since they cannot bully the judiciary.

    HH show your teeth man!!!

  2. This is most unfortunate as the embattled team in PF leadership is resorting to panic and unconventional means.

    With matters in the courts of law how do they claim the constitutional rights are being breached. The constitution which is being used now is what they left. Is this not an indication that they never meant to obey what they had put into place.

    Why all this commotion when this is an internal matter. Yes we are aware of the fact that internally their positions remain at risk due to new leadership, however that in itself can not be interpreted as a constitutional crisis. Government can only work with what is legally generated from them. At the moment even they are in agreement that MILES SAMPA has the legal standing at the moment to his advantage.

    The throwing out of the injunctions from the embattled camp is not a plot by government to work against the embattled party. Legally the injunction by Miles and his team which have been disregarded by the previous team is in force. How can the courts be turned to deal two matters while there is an initial case presiding in the same courts. This is abuse of the law and hence unconstitutional. It is they infact who are breaching the republican constitution.

    Therefore , technically it should be agreed that this is a crisis generated from within your party and party the precedence from the previous unfair practices of the troubled team. Don’t forget you guys dribbled Miles earlier. Do you think he has forgotten?

    We the citizens are all alive to this fact. So how can you call on mass revolts on this internal mess you created. Why should we all of sudden by concerned as to institute a national shut down. You guys left a dying economy, with mountains of debt due to you mismanagement and corruption and now you want to cause us to a an economic crisis in the country. We warn you now because soon we the citizens will join to fight you on this absurd agenda to take us to the dark ages. We won’t allow you or you lack of wisdom to destroy what is being built.

    Infact you should be sighted for advocating for a revolt against a government on false pretenses. Please keep this internal fight within the right boundaries. We advise and call upon this government to protect the majority of us who are fed up of this childish behavior going on.

    If you can not beat your opponents just humble yourself and have a sit down and sort out these problems outside of the courts of law. Some of you will definitely have to leave seeing the other team in power don’t trust you any more. Maybe there is room for a fresh start for the others within the party. If you really love this party and respect the founder. Sacrifice your positions for the sake of the whole institution to survive.

    This misrepresentation you are doing is not morally right. This is because you want to breach the constitution to suit your case. This is not right. Remember, this is an internal battle and has nothing to do with us. Go fight it out in court not in public media or at Embassies. This is very embarrassing.


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