Below is a well captured picture and not one whose optics made me look like was in the centre and the President was slightly on the edge. Not at all. The thing is when you are his guest, President HH is highly courteous to all even if you are his junior or from opposition.

When our Pan African meeting finished in the Boardroom, as a delegation leader Statehouse handlers asked me to lead other MPs and walk out first with the President. When coming out of the boardroom door, there was instant turn to the right. The President allowed me milliseconds of space so as to align ourselves onto the passage to walk where the press was. Hon Menyani Zulu can be seen right behind me about to turn right.

I may not agree on some policy matters of the current government led by President HH, but one has to give him credit on the gift of making those below him feel comfortable and important when around him. I remember a similar occurrence some years back about early 2016 when I first met him for a meeting. Upon entering his office, he left his office desk chair and asked me to sit on it while he sat on one of the two guest chairs across his table.

That said Hon Mulenga Kampamba and I where at Statehouse to meet the republican President on a non political matter that cuts across party lines and of national interest.

Upon return from South Africa, our Pan Africa MPs non partisan committee may request Statehouse to brief the President on outcomes of our international tour of duty. If we lucky appointment maybe granted to see Sir HH again not as UPND President but in his capacity as President of the Republic of Zambia 🇿🇲.

Pictures with incumbent or past Presidents of Zambia are memorable.
I always look forward to taking some for my children photo albums.

Together We Can

📸Chaze Mwale


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