Police arrest Reverend in Ndola


Police arrest Reverend in Ndola

Police arrested one of the members of the organising committee from Ndola City Ministers’ Platform, Rev. Charles Chileshe.

He was charged with “conduct likely to cause the breach of peace”. This was after he confronted the Police to understand why they sealed off UCZ St. Andrews Church premises in Ndola where the interdenominational church service aas expected to take place.

Rev. Chileshe has since been released after paying a fine as admission of guilty.


  1. Oho.

    Now he is arresting clergymen. Next he will arresting cows and trees.

    Totally bonkers!

    Hakainde had well and truly lost his marbles.

  2. This is being presented as an interdenomination thanks giving church service and on other forum as an interdenomination pastors’ meeting. Whatever the case, it was pure lack of wisdom on the part of the organisers to invite Mr. Lungu and his wife as guest speaker. It was also unwise for the former president and his wife to accept the invitation.

    Mr. Lungu and his wife have just come out of a high profile tussle with the law enforcement agencies and they run off to rabble rouse in Ndola? It was poor judgement on the part of both the former president and the organisers.

    If Mr. Lungu is not careful, he will ruin himself further. However, the Police should have allowed the meeting to go on. Let us move away from this restrictive approach to enforcing public peace.

    • Lungu never learns, the man lacks wisdom. Most of these churches are after his money and he can’t see that , he just can’t see,the man is so hungry for power . Soon churches are going back to bad manners of entertaining politicians to rape the pulpit. Calamity will follow. Don’t abuse the pulpit. How can one use the pulpit to divide people?

  3. Oweee the expected offering from PF to boost the good Reverend’s church account was thwarted!. Sorry mwe. Just ask for a donation from Lungu quietly he will give you.


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