Emmanuel Mwamba

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

President Hakainde Hichilema has repeatedly prided himself as Chief Negotiator or Chief Marketer or CEO of Zambia.

It appears he has taken this role literally when it comes to Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines.

But let’s walk back in memory lane.

Before Privatisation, ZCCM was not only a mining company.

The company was a prized national asset and provided a cradle-to-grave welfare system. It subsidised housing with water and electricity, ran hospitals, schools, sports facilities and social clubs for mineworkers and their families.

Many people on the Copperbelt remember this golden age in mining and have nostalgic memories of ZCCM.

To sell the mines, the Government of President Frederick Chiluba had to do more than follow the law.

Other than using the Zambia Privatisation Agency, a negotiating team was appointed by Cabinet headed by former long-time CEO of ZCCM, Francis Hebert Kaunda.

To hear that President Hakainde Hichilema is doing this similar process to dispose off both Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines outside Cabinet and outside the law is a matter that calls for immediate attention by all stakeholders.

In their editorials, both The Mast and News Diggers have made reference that President Hichilema is using some of his well-known friends or business partners and sadly, officials from that sinister imperialist NGO called Brenthurst Foundation as obscure and negotiation teams for both Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines.

This is heartbreaking.

He is not only breaking the law, he is playing with political fire.

We have heard of Foreign advisors, secretly appointed and on a private payroll, occupying and playing advisory role at State House.

It’s time the President came clean on this matter.

State House is a seat of power in our country and we must demand for answers when unorthodox and unlawful processes are being conducted and being perptrated by the President himself.

The President is advised to return to lawful, transparent and accountable means and to engage Cabinet and other institutions purposefully created to support the Presidency as provided for by the Constitution.

Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines are regarded as valuable and national strategic assets and a bare minimum standard of transparency is demanded.


  1. “To hear that President Hakainde Hichilema is doing this similar process to dispose off both Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines outside Cabinet and outside the law is a matter that calls for immediate attention by all stakeholders.”- WHERE? He heard this in the streets?! STFU! Enough of this imbecile & his spin on facts!

  2. Fat-face Mwamba is just hallucinating. In his fixation to discredit the President, he conveniently forgets that the Head of State is also the Country’s CEO, and as such he’s at liberty to direct organs within the executive branch of government. He is also the Chairperson of IDC which supervises many parastals companies. The key point is that only a delusional sycophant can insinuate that the President has acted unlawfully over KCM or any other matter. Moreover, it is not feasible to negotitate privatisation of KCM with Vedanta as the later is already the majority shareholder in the entity. What Mwamba should focus on is the expropriation and plunder of KCM assets by ECL and the PF clique of thieves, creating the mess President HH has to clean up now. That action alone, warrants lifting ECL’s immunity for prosecution due its adverse consequences on the economy and untold and needless suffering of the people in societies hosting KCM.
    Concerning ZCCM, nothing he alleges could be further from the truth. The mining conglomerate became insolvent, was recording losses in excess of USD 2 million per day, becoming a liability to government which was footing its bills including wages, hence the need for FTJ’s government to privatise it, with the World Bank paying employee severance packages. I know this because I was in middle management in ZCCM at the time.

  3. Now you finally get it I. Your brain that the rule of law it important. Dont worry this man is transparent and will answer you. He is not hidden as yours truly was. He speaks his mind and shares his thoughts. Your crazy thoughts and accusations will be answered.

    However, let me talk about your guys. While you advocate for transparency in processes which must and will be done by this responsible government, I would like you to equally tells why you guys refused to adhere to and obey your own advise you are splashing to this administration. All these scandals of high crime. You know the K 33 million stolen. The one you also agreed with recently.

    It seems you are agreeing that those who broke the law must be prosecuted and jailed for their bad behaviour right.

    Question is why then do you call it persecution which it is actually ensuring accountability from our leaders.

    This is why I say you are double tongued and not to be listened to. Your propaganda mission won’t work. Because the same standards you are advocating for don’t disagree with the conduct of criminality in your camp which you have admitted , to all our amzemant.

    The rules and laws you passionately left behind are being followed to the letter to confront you and your unfaithful team. You should be grateful that so far this administration is only trying to make corrective sense to the nonsense in many areas of your administrative deficiency.

    You guys were twisted. You ruled by very low standards with laws that only fit your aspiration.

    However, when you were politely asked to get out of power you turn around and blame others for your mess. Is this not being hypocritical.


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