By Chaka Pius Zulu

There are over 50 annual traditional ceremonies in Zambia, showcasing its customs, social life, rituals, oral history and spiritual culture.

North-western, Southern and Eastern provinces having the most (over 10 each) while Copperbelt and Western provinces having the least(5 each).

And out of self pride, Eastern province having the most popular, Kulamba for us Chewas, Ncwala for the Ngonis followed by Kuomboka for the Lozis in the Barotse and Ukusafya pa Ngwena, Umutomboko in Northern and Luapula Provinces, not forgetting Likumbi Lya Mize of the Luvale in North-western.

Presidents come lead and go but Zambia will remain. There has been a lot of tribal talk about their attendance to traditional ceremonies and to me its really unfortunate and unnecessary.

I recall former President Edgar Lungu lamenting that he will stop attending traditional ceremonies as it was causing tribal division. Now Bally has found himself in the same predicament for not attending the Ncwala ceremony of the Ngonis in Eastern Province.

Unconfirmed reports say it was due to the cholera outbreak in Vubwi and some saying he had to attend to other pressing national issues (floods in Lusaka) so Garry Nkombo and other government officials were assigned to represent him of which didn’t go down well with the organizers including the Paramount Chief.

I think it’s very unfair for the President to be put in such a positiion and the Ministry or who ever is in charge of traditional affairs should put out a clear statement that it’s the proragative of the government and Presidents to or not attend the ceremonies. As long as they have recognition and support of the government, that’s enough.

You can’t expect the family bread winner to attend all family funerals and celebrations. As long as he sends ka sumthing, or ka nothing but acknowledges, that’s enough. Lets Stop the Pettis on Sakala. Let the Bally chill

Mwavela, palibe chiumba



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