Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s press conference at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre today lacked direction, decency, honesty, and a sense of urgency.

To be clearer, today’s performance was not any different from the one he exhibited last August. It was just the usual showboating, blame game, deception, lengthy talking of no value, or simply put, a waste of time.

Why is it so difficult for Mr Hichilema to tell the truth? Does he surely have to punctuate literally every sentence or paragraph with a lie?

After two years, four months in office, Mr Hichilema keeps promising and pledging to take action against the same illegalities being perpetrated by State House. What genuine corruption can this corrupt puppet regime fight? What genuine unity can this divisive and discriminatory regime foster or cultivate? What caderism can this intolerant and violent regime fight if their own party supporters are making cabinet ministers and party officials scale up grave yard fences to escape beatings?

The nation was eager to hear something new, reassuring, strategic, and even more positive about its future and its prospects in the coming year and beyond. Not the usual empty rhetoric, manipulation, deceit, and lies about what is happening in the country.

What is as clear as the sky about Mr Hichilema is that he enjoys sounding like a broken record. He actually overrates his deceptive abilities and arrogant behaviour.

But the truth is, Mr Hichilema is totally detached from reality. The man is not even remotely aware of the real situation in the country today and the impending consequences of his selfish decisions and actions.

To be more precise, Mr Hichilema’s conduct currently is only comparable to someone with a sleep walking disorder. He is like one moving around or engaged in unexpected activities whilst asleep.

He is acting like one who is not fully conscious to his surroundings, which actually makes him a danger to himself, those around him, and the country at large, especially that people who are in that state usually don’t have any memory of their activities.

This here is the basic psychological reality of the man in charge of this country today. As a people, we can either choose to maintain the status quo and live to suffer the consequences of our choices or act on it and save ourselves from this unfortunate and disastrous situation.

Further, in leadership, it is always a knight-mare to deal with a person who is one-track minded, a know-it-all! A leader living in a parallel universe is a very dangerous one.

Similarly, Mr Hichilema is living in an imaginary Zambia, which doesn’t exist in the real sense. No wonder he can’t see or feel what everybody else is seeing and feeling in this country today. He is not in the real world with us!

He is only cooperating and co-existing with himself: advising and listening to himself and thereafter make decisions based on what he has advised himself to believe and do. It’s a very serious red light for the country!

But we are not surprised that this President listens to no one but himself, his inner demons. We are not surprised because to those with ears to the ground, what we are saying here is nothing new, this is a daily anthem even on the lips of his own cabinet ministers, party officials and others who deal with him closely. The man is incorrigible!

In Mr Hichilema’s world, everything begins and ends with him. This is the simple truth, which many especially those he presently works with only whisper to each other in the corridors of power.

But we have said it here, frankly and without malice, so that the nation fully understands the true character of its President as well as the source of its endless problems, as we prepare for a tough life ahead.

This is what we know to be the truth about the personality and nature of this President, and we shall leave the evil ones to continue cheering and praising him as he heads towards a political ditch.

Posterity will vindicate us!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Jealous Man Mr membe however it has not come as surprise I expected such nosense from this man, from 2005 till today because he refused to allow you to run estates for mazoka

  2. M’membe wants to make himself a criteria for every issue in Zambia. Whatever he doesn’t accept or agree with, the President is not working. One day, his bitterness and jealous for HH will eat him up.

  3. HH is the leader we need right now talkall u can u won’t even come near the presidency. Lol
    Mopani KCM soon operational fi PF messes up the copperbelt HH is sorting everything.
    Ba mmembe uluse??keep yapping. Lol

  4. Fool Fred(FF). Your sinic malice idiotic pervasive hatred devilish scandalous selfish myopic ways will just lead you to madness. HH is twice your stature in terms of leadership. You are just a useless pen pusher full of jealousy. Bo Namakando you can use tribalism and lies you will NEVER enter state house.
    Why don’t you tell the nation your real identity.
    Go to hell. Loser

  5. Leadership is golden! Publishing a failed tabloid full of half truths, intrigue, propaganda, distortions, and personal hatred and insults in a single office and distributing it to 3 regions out of 10 is not leadership experience needed to run a country. The government earns money through collection of taxes and if you’re a leader that has been found waiting for tax evasion you can not be trusted to take care of National treasury. The man would be worse than Lungu! He’s an empty tin.

  6. When personal hatred blinds you, you can never appreciate anything good that the person you hate does!
    That is what the Bible calls Witchcraft!


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