Provide for one-night-stand child until DNA clears you, court orders cop


Provide for one-night-stand child until DNA clears you, court orders cop

THE Matero Local Court has ordered a police officer of Luangwa to provide for a child he denies to be his until a DNA test proves him innocent.

Prior to the judgment, Savior Banda insisted that powerful as it maybe, there was no way his Kamfinsa seed would germinate in Rosemary Chishimba because he had only ploughed her once.

Banda swore by the Barcelona Legends that there was no way he could be the father of the baby girl who is now 26 months old because during the one-night-stand of her purported creation, its mother was well-shielded from his baby-making ammunition by a bullet proof in form of a condom.

The officer of the law told the court that after his protected sexual encounter with Rosemary, he did not see or hear from her again until she phoned him six months later to inform that she was pregnant.

“I had sex with her, yes, but I used protection. This is not my child and I can not be maintaining her. After the encounter with her, I did not hear from her until six months later when she phoned me saying, she was carrying my child. This is not my daughter,” he said.

He wondered why Chishimba only informed him about the pregnancy after six months of her being pregnant.

He said he could only be maintaining the two years and two months old child he is accused of fathering after a DNA test is conducted and proves that indeed the girl was his.

Banda said even after informing him, she disappeared again and only reappeared when the child was already two years.

“If indeed this was my child, why did she disappear and waited until the child was two years? That is why I was shocked to receive summons that I have not being maintaining the child. We need DNA. Until then, I can not do anything for this child,” Banda said.

But Rosemary insisted that her fertility knew no condoms or one-night-stands saying Banda was the biological father of her child and needed to be responsible for her.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Mulenga, ruled that Banda was the father of the child until DNA was conducted and ordered him to pay K700 monthly as child maintenance, subject to review annually.

“For now, the court will take it that this beautiful girl before the court is you daughter. If DNA is conducted and proves that she is not your daughter, Chishimba will pay you back every coin you will have spent on her,” said Magistrate Mulenga.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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