Sata’s relatives are quiet over Miles, let’s form our own party – Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

Sata’s relatives are quiet over Miles, let’s form our own party – Mumbi

LET’S just make something different, when such is happening [to the party] they (Micheal Sata’s relatives) are just quiet, what does that mean, wonders former PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

Earlier this week, Phiri said she had been encouraging PF leaders to leave the party for Miles Sampa and his relatives since he had been insisting that it was his uncle’s party.

Meanwhile, an audio has emerged in which Phiri is heard urging the party leadership to form its own party and leave PF for Sata’s relatives.

Credit: News Diggers


  1. The way to go ,you are even moving slowly.Icakukonka ulubilo …..In the new party,do away with cadres ,my humble advice to you and put poorest peoples’ plight priority number ONEand go flat out to the people.Of course not everybody in your govt was bad per se.Strong opposition is good for Zambia and Zambians …from Berlin

  2. Mumbi Phiri shut up
    You lack political strategies. This is not the time for immature emotional politics.
    That’s what Hakainde wants you to do…to form another political party.
    Diggers is giving you coverage..soon it will be Kalemba and Koswe will follow.
    Go and read Zambia’s History. Maiza Chona will teach you a lot.

  3. Mumbi phiri can only form a party of your kind who belong to Addis Ababa street (at night) a party of ugly call women would be good for lungu and his chikala followers

    • Whatever you are saying to Mumbi Phiri, you are saying to your own mother.

      Learn to respect women.

      We can criticise but let us have respect to them.

      • You stupid fool.respect is earned and not are an empty pf Cadre with no brain at all.why should this woman be attacking the sata family for something that doesn’t concern them.this is the second attack against the family this week and I expected Edgar lungu to rebuke her for the memory of sata who picked Edgar lungu from nowhere and put him where he is today

      • Indigo Tryol is calling Hakainde Hichilema a Conman a good example of respect in your wisdom iwe? You are a hypocrite, the reason I don’t spare your nonsense on Social Media.

  4. In history, this lady will be remembered for giving not only giving advice to the former head of state but the whole party. Family parties? Why are they there for?

  5. It is shocking how easily people resort to insults instead of coming out with points to support their argument.

    Are we so intellectually stunted as to fail to argue without insulting? Or is our vocabulary so limited we find it hard to put forward our argument in civil language?

    Very discouraging indeed!


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