SDA master guide in court for defilement


SDA master guide in court for defilement

A master guide of the Seventh Day Adventist church of cornerstone congregation in Lusaka’s Chawama compound has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates Court on a charge of defiling a 12-year old girl.

Collins Chikwangala aged 40 could however not answer to the criminal charge as the State requested for time to resolve certain issues before the matter proceeds into trial.

Prosecutor Judy Mauka told magistrate Kawama Mwamfuli that a State advocate will take over the prosecution of the case.

Bervan Mengo who is representing the master guide could not object to the application but made a plea that the State should be prepared at the next sitting.

Magistrate Mwamfuli adjourned the case to October 2.

Chikwangala is on May 28 this year alleged to have forced himself on a minor who is a pathfinder and member his church.

According to sources from within the church, the 12 year old victim caught the eye of the suspect when she trailed after her mother who was going out on a church outing for a choral event.

The victim did not find her mother at church to which Chikwangala who was aware of the mother’s absence told her that her mother had left with him a parcel which he needed to give her.

Unsuspcious of the church leader, the victim believed and accompanied him home where he stays with his parents.

However, on arrival at home where there was no one, Chikwangala is said to have asked her get inside the house and when she refused, he grabbed and dragged her inside.

Once in the house, Chikwangala is said to tossed away the master guide law of being an example in Word, Conduct, Love, Spirit, Faith, and Purity,” and tied up the victim and defiled her.

As if the sexual assault was not enough, the master guide is accused of having warned the victim that he would kill her and her entire family if she exposed him for ravaging her chastity.

Despite the threat, the victim opened up to her mother and revealed what she had been through after which the matter was reported to the Chawama Police Station.

According to the medical report, the victim suffered a broken hymen and bruises on her private parts.

By Mwaka Ndawa



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