Sean Tembo Arrested For Unlawful Assembly After The Presentation Of His 2024 Alternative Budget At His Residence


    • Ba JMC, police are under very strict instructions from Hakainde.

      The aim is to disrupt opposition function, and eventually “kill” them off. Once he is done with opposition, he will turn on citizens.

      Our president is a dictator at heart. He is most certainly not a democrat.

      In my defence, every single prediction or projection that I have made has come to pass.

  1. Lawlessness is not democracy. The chaps do wrong things deliberately in name of politics and some fool want them to be let free with their wrongs. Let them be punished otherwise let them follow what the law requires.

    • Ba Patrick, presenting an alternative budget is lawlessness?

      This is stretching the law to absurd limits. Presenting alternative ideas is now lawlessness according to your reasoning.

      Iam beginning to think this IG Is a danger to the public.

      • The charge is unlawful assembly. He broke the law as clear as daylight . If disregard for the law isnt lawlessness, wonder what is? The IG is in order.

  2. For the first time I have listened to President Sean Tembo. Was just seeing him from a distance.
    He is not a small boy.
    The thug who is being proped by fellow thugs Chama America and Ground FBI is by far trash..He can’t do a presentation like I have seen from Sean Tembo.
    President Tembo, I wish you well. You have what it takes to be President.

  3. Well, I think the police should have just ignored Sean Tembo to make a fool of himself. He is a one man show. He has always been. He comes up with alternative budgets every year, but they never get him anywhere. At the end of the day, he either doesn’t file in nominations or gets zero votes.
    So just let him be comedian he is.


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