Sean Tembo’s Level Of Mental Disorder On A Higher Level



This man has on several occasions insulted the republican president since he assumed the highest office of the land. We want to remind Mr Tembo that the man he has been insulting is not only a republican president but also a family man with children who sees the father as their God on earth, no child would appreciate the father to be insulted day and night by a common useless man whose brain has corroded.

Mr Tembo has continued insulting the president day and night without police exerting serious punitive measures to restrain the traitor from inflicting pain to the Zambian people who voted for HH.

We want to request Mr Tembo to refrain from politics of insults especially to the republican president as failure to that will cause serious harm to him. Tembo is a very small fish in a pond who can only be seen by using a microscope that’s why he’s full of zeros but an attention seeker.

As a deputy spokesperson to CB Youth I have personally received alot of phone calls asking me on the position of Zambia police regarding Tembo’s continued insults to the republican president. This is the second time we are warning Mr Tembo to stop attacking and insulting the president as doing so will land him in serious problem and his face will be deformed for life.

Please avoid misusing the freedom of speech introduced by the president as doing so you have yourself to blame

Be warned and guided strongly

Issued by
Douglas Kasalala
CB youth deputy Spokesperson politics & mobilisation


  1. Just lodge a complaint to the police and he will be arrested. Stop lodging complaints in social media, there will be no action. The president cannot lodge a complaint but you can.

  2. We celebrated koswe mumpoto by pilato then and here we are celebrating insults by Sean (sin) tembo. Is it that we are running after a rat while the house is burning. Ba zed let us be serious.


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