She quit her job, left America, and followed her heart all the way to an African village


Carrey Joy, an American citizen, made the life-changing decision to leave behind her comfortable lifestyle in the United States and embrace the charm of a small village in Bungoma, Kenya. Her inspiring story reminds us of the importance of prioritizing inner fulfillment and genuine human connections over material possessions.

In a YouTube video that has captivated viewers worldwide, Carrey Joy shared her extraordinary journey of leaving behind a luxurious life in the United States to embrace the simplicity and warmth of a village existence in Bungoma, Kenya. Carrey’s story highlights her seamless integration into the Bukusu culture and her deep connection to the local community. With a strong desire to help others and a profound appreciation for the beauty of simplicity, Carrey has found her place in Bungoma, living a life aligned with her values and passions.

In the deeply personal YouTube video, Carrey Joy’s shared how she felt called to a simpler and more purposeful life. Carrey found herself drawn to the End Time Prophetic Ministries, an organization she now works with, which focuses on spiritual growth and community upliftment.

Albert Wanyonyi, a boda boda rider, was one of the first people Carrey Joy encountered upon arriving in Bungoma. Their initial meeting was orchestrated by fate, as Albert, a devoted Christian, welcomed Carrey and her entourage with open arms, hosting them for a meal. Carrey felt an instant connection with Albert, but he initially kept his distance, leaving her confused. However, as time went on, their friendship blossomed, leading to a surprising turn of events.

Despite Albert’s initial hesitations, love eventually prevailed. Carrey realized that Albert was the one she was meant to marry, as if guided by divine intervention. They expressed their love for each other, and their bond deepened. They made the decision to get married and build a life together in a remote village in Bungoma, embarking on a journey that would test their resilience and strength.

Settling into their new life came with its fair share of challenges for Carrey Joy. She had to adapt to a different culture, overcome language barriers, and adjust to a simpler way of living. In contrast to her luxurious lifestyle in the United States, Carrey found herself residing in a humble semi-permanent house with an earthen floor coated with cow dung. The stark differences from her previous life brought about a profound cultural shock. However, Carrey’s determination to embrace this opportunity for simplicity overcame any hardships she faced.

Carrey has taken the time to learn the local dialect, allowing her to communicate effortlessly with the community members. Her deep respect and understanding of the Bukusu culture have endeared her to the locals, who now view her as an integral part of their community.

Carrey Joy’s commitment to helping others stems from her family’s strong values of compassion and philanthropy. As the firstborn in a family of three, Carrey witnessed her mother’s selflessness and dedication to humanitarian activities. Inspired by her mother’s example, Carrey followed in her footsteps, channeling her education and passion for community service into making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Recognizing the needs of the community, she dedicated herself to making a positive impact. She actively participated in local projects, such as assisting in education initiatives, supporting women’s empowerment programs, and promoting sustainable practices. Carrey’s involvement not only demonstrated her commitment to the community but also showcased the potential for individuals to contribute meaningfully, regardless of their backgrounds.- Face2Face Africa


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