LONGWE Ngosa has today been granted bail by the Lusaka Magistrates Court after spending more than a month in police detention on a charge of assault on a child.

The 29-year old is accused of repeatedly assaulting her four-year old step son.

Ngosa of MC2A 78 Apollo military camp in Lusaka west pleaded not guilty to assault on a child before magistrate Mutinta Mwenya.

It is alleged that Ngosa between April 1, 2023 and July 31, 2013 assaulted a minor under the age of 16.

Speaking barely above a whisper, Ngosa then asked the court to grant her bail as she had been in detention for a long time.

Magistrate Mwenya admitted her to K3, 000 cash bail on conditions that she provides two traceable working sureties who should be residents of Lusaka.

She adjourned the matter to October 11 and directed that Ngosa will only be temporarily released upon meeting her bail conditions.

Immediately the magistrate made a proclamation on Ngosa’s release her husband Justin Bwalya who was clad in a Liverpool jersey and brown chino pants sprinted out of Court to organise sureties and bail logistics.

The child’s abuse was exposed after a video interview with his teacher was widely spread on social media.

In the video, the teacher showed the boy’s little body covered with countless scars of whip marks which he said had been inflicted on him by his “mommy”.

The survivor had abrasions on his face and his hands which he alleges were inflicted on him by his bonus mom.

However in an interview with Kalemba the child’s father Bwalya said his wife could not inflict pain on his child as she was compassionate contrary to the public’s perception that she was wicked.

He said on one occasion while talking to the child via a video call, he noticed the sores on its face and upon inquiry, his wife explained that the child fell from the table and landed on a mug cup hence the injury.

“As a father that was away, I believed whatever I was told because I was away for a long time and Ngosa, my wife was the one taking care of my son,” Bwalya explained.

He indicated that despite noticing the bruises and scars on the child’s body, he never suspected his wife of abusing him because she started taking care of him even before the two were married.

Kalemba .


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