Solution To Loadshedding? Electrically Charged Stones ‘Discovered’ In DRC

DRC miners holding electrically charged stones (Image Credit @Africa_Archives /Twitter)

Solution To Loadshedding? Electrically Charged Stones ‘Discovered’ In DRC

Over the weekend the internet was abuzz when footage of electrically charged stones reportedly discovered in the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo circulated.

Videos of the electrically charged stones sparking when they touch each other and even being used to light a bulb have piqued the interest of researchers from all over the world.

In response to the video, researchers and laymen have been trying to understand if the stones are a solution to the power shortage that has hit Africa or just another internet hoax.

A kilogram of these electrically charged stones is reported to be able to light a two-bedroom house for at least two months. A gram of the stones which have been equated to the fictitious state of Wakanda’s vibranium, is thought to light a bulb for more than 72 hours.

However, Twitter users who commented on the videos expressed scepticism and accused the makers of the video of staging the discovery.

Below are some of the comments:


I wasn’t born yesterday you could see the TIG torch underneath the Rock and the guys wearing electrified gloving yeah come on don’t play with your tools underneath the rocks and tell people that you have electrified Stone you don’t.


Oh yeah, this stone exists in Nigeria as well. A local prince send me an email and offered me to invest before this goes mainstream. So i transferred $10,000 to him. I’m gonna be riiiiccccchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


This is so stupid. I can’t believe so many people think it’s real. If there are positive and negative points on the rock, why doesn’t it self short and dump it’s energy via heat? It would have to have an insulator between the positive and negative points for this to work.


Can someone tell me how these rocks not shocking you even little bit if they are charged? I think the element is highly reactional to metals perhaps? There is no difference between touching the two end of the cable and holding it with 2 finger. Human body is also conductive. 

You can watch the video below:


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