PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says people can actually build nice homes in villages where sanitation is perfect.

And President Hichilema has encouraged young people to move away from excessive consumption of alcohol.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema says opposition political leaders are free to donate to their respective communities in the wake of cholera.

Speaking after visiting cholera patients at Heroes stadium, Wednesday, President Hichilema said sometimes, people migrate into urban areas without a clear objective.

“Sometimes we migrate into urban areas without a clear objective. I’m just from the ranch myself. 27, 30 years I was a young guy. Sanitation is perfect there. We grow food, we have…



  1. What a clueless arrogant man. How can he insult citizens like this?

    He himself run away from the village so he could privatise our most precious assets.

    Let him create jobs and infrastructure in rural areas, because that is the only way to stop migration to cities. No one just ups and goes to Lusaka aimlessly. As president, show respect to the voters, calling them foolish at every opportunity.

    This Cholera outbreak is all his fault. As I keep saying, Zambia was Cholera free for 4 years until you got elected. He should learn to take responsibility.

    • HH is just a good leader and moreover the intelligent 2.8 million voters are patiently waiting for him to see how he is going to perform in his first term. Those that complain like you are PF chancers and its sarrogates because they never thought he would win the 2021 general elections.
      I have followed your on several negative comments on HH that clearly shows that your dont believe that he’s the President upto 2026 until the 1.8 million for your god including you and the 2.8 intelligent voters will be able to see his performance in his first term for them to make another decision, not like you dream.
      He’s working and patientl for us to see his positive result, not like you insinuate that voters are complaining. Which voters are you talking about . The PF the losers

  2. Why is State House not in a village ?The time that politicians think about villagers is when they seek to be voted for.Is life in villages worth talking about especially after close to 60 years of i fependence really? No electricity,no potable water,poor roads,no transport,poor infrastructure,poor housing,no shops,no clinics,no jobs,no business opportunities,poor schools or no schools at all,etc.So Zambians have no right to seek better life ?Then you also deserve no votes from villagers.From Berlin

  3. When you are always looking at what HH is saying through bitterness and jealous, you will always miss the point.
    I don’t think the President was making a Presidential decree on the issue under discussion. The first word says it Sometimes……….

  4. From Kasama ,Mazoka did not stay in a village but went to America ,he did not like to let you ,HH,live in a village bjt called you to go there for a better future.If black peopke go abroad there is a reason for that but for you to say that sometimes people go to town without objectives is 0/50.You know how life is in villages.So don’t pretend to be ignorant.From Berlin

  5. You’ve got to love this man!
    Some of our citizens live in filthy conditions that are not even fit for Pigs!
    Somehow, we need to encourage our people to remember who they are, Human beings created in the image of God!
    Human beings were created to be Kings and Queens, to have Dominion over all animals and the rest of Creation!
    For people who are supposed to be Kings and Queens to live in squalor and to be scrounging for a living in shanty Compounds is unfortunate!
    It’s not too late to change the narrative! CDF is transforming rural areas. A lot of business opportunities have arisen in rural areas. The wise are leaving Shunty compounds and turning around their fortunes in Rural areas.
    Those who are looking at everything from politics will miss out!
    Bazajujuka monga ma T-shirt Yaba PF if they want to continue their miserable existence muma Komboni!
    In fact, what GRZ should do is to phase out Shanty Compounds!
    They have become Cesspools of Disease and everything that is called evil!
    Ma Komboni are the ones contributing to street vending and Filth in the City!
    If not phased out, they will continue to be fertile grounds for civil strife! Opportunistic and pathological politicians capitalize on desperate situations muma Komboni to instigate uprisings against the government!
    Let’s come up with a business idea ba government where you replan these unplanned settlements. Demolish everything and start rebuilding houses and leasing them to those who can afford them!
    We must put an end to Filth!
    Endani kumunzi mukalime!
    Listen to the song titled “Gunduzani.”
    Osankalila Mavuto Mu town!
    Stop pretending and get real!

  6. The President doesn’t know why people move from the village to town. The President can just read the CSO reports and appraise himself on poverty levels. The President needs just to study simple development economics to understand the concept of ” pull factor” .
    Simply put , if you provide some of the facilities available in towns in villages , you might slow the movement of people from villages.


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