…Nakacinda says the UPND need to come out of the opposition propaganda and lies that became part of their Ethos.

Thursday, April 21, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

The Patriotic Front Party has cautioned the New Dawn Administration against continuing to feed the Zambian people propaganda.

This comes after a Press briefing held by Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe stating that the Presidency has never at anytime interfered with the functions of the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and that it had not ordered any instructions to grant immunity to any Persons facing criminal proceedings in Zambia.

In the matter whether the office of the DPP had acted within the confines of the Law and in the Public interest,(Issues surrounding the Nolle Prosequi) Hon Haimbe said that initial assessments showed there were significant lapses on the part of the DPP which require independent and thorough investigations by relevant bodies.

And PF Information and Publicity Chairperson Raphael Nakacinda said it was reckless for Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe yesterday to try and do a Public Relations stunt which ended up with him having contradicting statements with the Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya on matters involving Milingo LUNGU and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Hon Nakacinda said it is interesting to hear the Justice Minister saying that the DPP did what she did on her own when evidence before the court shows the matter was compromised by the Executive because of the meeting that was reported to have been held with Mr Lungu.

He says had the DPP continued with the Prosecution, it would have been an abuse of the Judicial System because there was a reported settlement which was made.

Meanwhile, Hon Nakacinda has wondered why STATE House is making contradictory statements on the purported meeting with Mr Milingo Lungu.

Hon Nakacinda said after the Binoculars raised issues about the mentioned meeting, State House responded through Bwalya that President Hichilema never met milingo but “we are going to deal with traitors around the President”.

He has challenged the Presidential Spokesperson to state who the traitors are and why they have been classified as such.

“Are they traitors because the information that was private has leaked to the public, Or they are traitors because they doing things against the instructions of the President,” he said.

Hon Nakacinda said what is baffling is that yesterday during what he termed as sham of a Press briefing alongside Justice Minister, Mr Bwalya stated that President Hichilema never met Milingo for anything that would jeopardise the judicial process for those who have allegedly committed financial crimes.

“What was he trying to imply, isn’t it that there was a meeting but why was he refusing that the President never at any time meet Mr Lungu.

The Former Minister of water development has noted that desire to tell lies have made the UPND Administration not to perform.

He said the UPND need to come out of the opposition propaganda and lies that became part of their Ethos

“The moment you are given the opportunity to Govern, take away the mentality of Propaganda. The Minister of Justice was reckless by trying to feed the Zambian people propaganda,” he said

And Hon Nakacinda has since Promised that the Binoculars will continue to help the Zambian people to see to it that what those in Government are doing serves the public interest

“The lenses of the Binoculars are now sharper and stronger. We shall continue doing what is best for the Zambian People and hold Government accountable.”

Hon Nakacinda has also advised President Hichilema to check the people around him because they are leading him into a ditch.

“All of us have a duty to ensure that the President performs but these people have mishandled the President and brought about embarrassment the issues emanating from that office,” he stated.


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