Stop Misleading Us and the Zambian People on AFRICOM – Kafwaya Tells Minister of Foreign Affairs


Stop Misleading Us and the Zambian People on AFRICOM – Kafwaya Tells Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lusaka, June 20, 2024 – Lunte Member of Parliament Hon. Mutotwe Kafwaya has implored the Zambian Government to stop misleading the Zambian people about the actual existence and modus operandi of AFRICOM.

“The Minister indicates that AFRICOM exists in Zambia for the sole purpose of training troops for UN missions,” Hon. Kafwaya stated.

“Madam Speaker, AFRICOM is one of the eleven unified combatant commands of the United States Department of Defense, headquartered at Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for U.S. military operations, including fighting regional conflicts and maintaining military relations with 53 African nations.”

“Madam Speaker, AFRICOM is responsible for fighting regional wars! But is the Minister in order to mislead us and the nation that this particular AFRICOM establishment in Lusaka, which I doubt is a creation of Cabinet because if it was, it would have been brought here for rectification? Is he in order to mislead us that this particular establishment in Lusaka is for training UN operations when, in fact, this reason he has mentioned is not even highlighted in the objectives of AFRICOM?”

According to the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) official website, the following are the Cole objectives of AFRICOM:

  1. Deter and defeat transnational threats
  2. Protect U.S. personnel and facilities
  3. Prevent and mitigate conflict
  4. Build defense capabilities and capacities of partner nations
  5. Support U.S. Government interagency efforts

Hon. Kafwaya’s remarks highlights the growing skepticism and demands for transparency regarding the true purpose and operations of AFRICOM in Zambia.

His challenge comes amid widespread concerns over the potential implications of hosting an AFRICOM office, which many fear could align Zambia too closely with the West.

The hosting of AFRICOM in Zambia has significant implications for the nation’s foreign policy. Decisions such as these can affect Zambia’s diplomatic relations, influence its standing in regional organizations, and potentially strain ties with neighboring countries wary of Western military presence.

The debate over AFRICOM’s presence in Zambia continues to spark significant political and public discourse, as citizens and lawmakers alike call for clearer and more honest communication from the government.


    • It’s NOT cool at ALL my friend. My LOVELY HH MADE A gravy mistake here. We CAN’T BE SLAVES OF US my dear.

      There are THINGS I can support HH on but not this one!! There won’t be ANY WAR SOON BUT it’s detrimental to our he future

  1. Our politicians are playing a dangerous game, this game is to try to isolate Zambia from it’s neighbours. How does it benefit them? They believe it will isolate HH, the reality is it will isolate our country. ZAMBIA is bigger than HH, and therefore be careful with this game.
    Whether there is more to this Africom office or not, do we know the security arrangements our neighbours have with either the Chinese? Russians? or any other foreign countries?
    Sometimes our politicians greed for power and self interest seems to blind them to the bigger picture and makes one wonder where is the wisdom in these so called leaders? No wonder you have some people still in diapers being representatives of people, what a tragedy? People end up being misrepresented because of some of these misfits that go for being leaders.

  2. Why doesn’t this guy concentrate on his constituents rather than embarrassing himself talking about a subject he does not understand

  3. Military training is always training for possible combat. That’s what every military is for. Zambian troops serving in Central African Republic under the auspices of the UN have been involved in combat operations. What’s Mutotwe Kafwaya talking about?

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